The World has Gone Mad!

Can anyone please explain to me how releasing violent offenders is in society’s best interest? Who’s rights are being protected here? Certainly not ours.

There are some things that override this pandemic. Life sentence due to violent crimes is one. How this could even be considered is unimaginable! And to use the guise of “stopping the spread of Covid 19 amongst prisoners to protect the public”.

We have enough to worry about without releasing serial killers back into the world! The world has gone mad!

Thankfully the vote was against Gary Ridgeway being released. Barely! It seems that Columbia Legal Services is not giving up the fight for the release of convicted criminals. This is truly frightening. It seems we have not heard the last of them.

18 thoughts on “The World has Gone Mad!”

  1. Violent criminals should not be released, but some of the minor offenders that had some pot on them or were growing weed… some of those people got pretty harsh sentences for no more than they had. A 5 to 4 vote on this is just frightening.

  2. I totally agree. How is it safe to let psychos out of prison? They committed crimes! They’re dangerous individuals, so why are we risking innocent people’s lives to protect them from a disease? I read one guy was let out and right away went and murdered someone! This can’t be allowed. If these offenders get Covid in prison, that’s just gonna have to be part of their sentence.

    1. It’s absolutely as insane! Some may already have the virus. They’re not bring tested at least a lot of them prior to release. So they eliminate issues in prison but send it out to society. It’s absolute madness!

    1. Got that right! You don’t turn 71 and stop being a psychopath. If they’re going to release people in groups then they better be very careful. They’re gonna qualify people for early release unintentionally and you can’t go back and say but wait!! That’s an appeal waiting to happen.

  3. It’s happening all over the place, although not typically at THAT level. Rights of the menaces to society over those of the public for sure. The morning guys in Sacramento were talking about it fairly regularly.

    As a side note… I have to say be wary of anything from Glen Beck anymore. I’ve been a long time listener but lately he’s making quite a few sensationalist leaps of logic. Everything seems to be end of the world and illuminatti conspiracy with him anymore. 🙁

    1. Yeah it’s crazy!! I do not see anything about these inmates being tested either, prior to release. From what I understand, many of the ones released early on weren’t. So they’re releasing criminals during a pandemic and some have committed crimes already. Then they act shocked about it.

      1. Yeah. I did a post in my own blog about California doing this before the virus outbreak just to virtue signal and be PC. All the folks around the jail are shocked and annoyed at the increase in crime, LOL.

        Yeah, I won’t miss California. 😛