The Adventures of Clifford and Laura-As He Lays Sleeping

Things in my house certainly have changed since Clifford came into our lives. I forgot how much energy puppies have. Their schedules are your schedules.

Every morning Clifford gets up and first thing outside to pee. Then it’s breakfast time! He wants to play a bit and ready to go back out to do a #2. Another hour of play and he is ready for another #2. I shit you not!

Depending on the weather and my arthritis we take morning walks. Sometimes we gotta wait until the afternoon. But he gets lots of running in my yard playing fetch.

Yes he keeps us going. He can be totally out of control! But he is also the best snuggler ever! He loves to eat, play, investigate new things, chase squirrels, play fetch, go for drives and walks, lay on top of me and lots of kisses.

This pup healed my heart. More ways than one. I’m never alone. I have my baby boy. He’s my sweet teddy bear. I’m taking advantage of him napping and writing this. He is a little jealous of my phone. When he wants my attention and sees it in my hand he paws at my phone and gets in play mode that much quicker. It’s very much like having a child. I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything in this world. All the good and all the bad. Yes, even the sock eating! He is worth it all.

9 thoughts on “The Adventures of Clifford and Laura-As He Lays Sleeping”

  1. He can play fetch very good! What an adorable dog! I’m adopting a dog and he’s planned to arrive at the 16th of May (if all goes well with COVID restrictions). I can’t wait to see how he is going to change my life!

    1. Thank you!! He’s my baby. 💜 I’m so excited for you!!! I can’t wait to see your new baby!! They are a lot of work but they give back much more than they take. Nothing like unconditional love!

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