Happy 33rd Birthday to my Daughter

Happy birthday my dear daughter. Words can never express just what you mean to me. I am honored we get to spend this day together.

You’ve come a long way baby!

16 thoughts on “Happy 33rd Birthday to my Daughter”

    1. My goodness she is stunning just like you and your sweet momma. I can’t believe you are old enough to have a daughter this wonderful age!

      1. Not at all. I just noticed that I wasn’t following you and I have absolutely no idea how that happened! I love you blog. It’s one of my favorites.

      2. Whew💖💖🙏🏼 WordPress must have had a glitch or something weird. I love yours as well!!

      3. I might have noticed sooner if my life wasn’t so crazy of late. I just didn’t have time to get on here like I wanted with Clifford. He’s finally starting to settle down and mature where I can get back to it thankfully. I’m sorry you thought that. I really don’t know how that happened.

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