The Earth Heals during Pandemic

All over the Internet we are seeing ways in which the earth is healing while mankind isolates. The beauty of these transformations should not be lost on us once we get our lives back. Maybe we can find ways to protect our home-our planet.

5 thoughts on “The Earth Heals during Pandemic”

  1. So much for 10 years before we’re all doomed, eh? Amazing how fast SOME things are clearing up.

    Before any of your readers decide to jump on me also, I’ve always agreed that mankind needs to take better care of the planet. My issue is with the exaggerations and scare tactics used by SOME environmentalists. Ultimately they turn many people off instead of helping the cause.

      1. I can. Remember, alot of what we’ve been fed is exaggeration and scare tactics. The fact that it has happened so quickly should encourage us to work harder at cleaning it up though.