Is There No Way Back?

Everyone is ready to return to normal. Is that a possibility? I look at my Instagram and it’s riddled with toilet paper, Lysol, isolation and political memes over the last couple months. There’s a few here and there of various topics. But this has been our lives for a bit now and kinda hard to forget that. Not to mention life has been put on hold.

Do we really want to go backwards? To unsee what we now see? There’s a lot more going on in addition to Covid19. I was really hoping our two parties would come together and work in the best interest of the people. No such luck. What I have seen is a power struggle and a play for power. The corruption that I always knew was there has become transparent. What I can’t understand is how so many cannot see the power play that has been happening before our eyes.

I do not prefer any political party. I vote for who I believe will do the best job. I have done so since I was first able to vote. Unfortunately with the two main parties wanting credit for anything that seems to be useful to their agendas it’s always going and always has been a power struggle between them. I guess it was too much to hope for that they’d put that aside during a crisis. Maybe I’m more of an idealist? Or maybe I was.

Having two main competing parties. They call it checks and balances. I call it a power struggle. The system itself is corrupt. It’s a “I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine” system. Who’s benefiting by that? Not the people. That’s between political officials and corporations. We are just the dupes that are stuck in the middle and used to get votes. So, what do we do? What can we do? I’ll tell you one thing. Fight for term limits. That’s a start. Too many elected officials getting rich holding positions that across the board ONLY averages $175,000-$200,000 annually. I know it’s comforting to re-elect those who have seemingly done a good job. We gotta stop being afraid of change.

It’s time for everyone to stop holding their parties up on pedestals. We are fighting their battles. A group of people we elected to think of our best interest. They’ve always been divided and remain divided and we allow what we see to divide us. Neither party is pristine and I’ve yet to see a candidate or elected official that is either. We cannot afford to be naive any longer. Our freedoms are at risk.

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    1. Well if someone doesn’t hold these people responsible, we’re screwed. Someone should have stepped up to the plate a long time ago and brought them to justice. You fund people to riot, you are killing people. It’s insane.

  1. So right, I feel the same. Reps have always been less gov involvement- less taxes. However, there are privacy issues on both sides. About the stay at home thing- I don’t like the mandate order to. It should be a choice. Too many laws without much success. Brilliant about the limit. But who would fill those shoes. I just never liked politics pushed down my throat from either side. Freedom should feel freeing, not ” what is the new law, I got to obey today, what changed over night’ ? In my state to reopen it is if we meet this standard or this if if if. When its if we open this county another counties people “might” come. When the surrounding states that are open are closer. If if. Don’t like so many ifs. Back to normal means enough people with immunity and or vaccine. Until then you have to be cautious. However, there is the reality of serious economy problems. That scares me more than the virus.

    1. Yes that’s why they’re saying the cure is worse than the disease. A lot of people are really hurting. A lot of small businesses hopefully got the help they needed the second time around. Too many big businesses took advantage and sucked that money dry leaving businesses to come up with money from no where! It’s just a bad situation all the way around. So many contradictory information. I wear mask and gloves out. Disinfect everything when it comes into my house. Our way of life has drastically changed. What drives me crazy is the media. They have become a bunch of vultures fighting over the last piece of roadkill. I didn’t mind our governor giving a mandated order as we were still allowed outside for walks. Our police have not acted out like some I’ve seen. Thankfully. But at the same time it bothers me to be forced to do it as it’s started to feel like my rights are being stripped away. I’m conflicted. I mean I have enough common sense to avoid places and practice social distancing. Unfortunately there’s a lot out there that lack common sense. Of some just do not care.

      1. Soooo very true. I agree with everything you said. It just blows my mind that some will use common sense, others won’t and that takes the rights away from others. I saw on the News tonight that we are going into a slow opening which is a big relief that something is going forward. Some are still saying its declining nationwide others say no. I think the biggest error about media was they weren’t specific to areas I was like almost phobic and it wasn’t in my area yet.. Yeah too much miscommunication and misinformation. I’ve been washing down groceries since March 14. But it feels a bit of relief than before.

      2. Yes!! We are opening in stages also. The bad thing is, it’s not beneficial for some businesses to open at partial capacity. Not with the overhead they’re looking at. It’s going to take a while to recover economically. I pray that when Summer heat hits, this virus goes away like so many others. Only time will tell. There’s a lot in the media that are driving fear. But so is all deaths being reported as Covid19. There’s no way to have an accurate number now. A lot of businesses have taken advantage of stimulus. Including hospitals. This has brought out the best in some and the ugliness in others. We’ve been wiping down our groceries about that long as well. I even set up a table on back patio where we clean it, then carry inside in a clean laundry basket. Today at the grocery as everyone walked around shopping in their masks, I hear over the intercom-Wd like to encourage everyone to please practice safe distancing. I thought-this is stuff out of a horror movie!

      3. I told someone the other day, that I don’t think a horror writer could do this situation justice in a horror movie. I’ve heard so many different theories on the media it’s hard to determine fact from speculation. Some have said the heat won’t phase it, then one doctor said , yes it did cause an outbreak in countries with summer, but he said our summer would slow it down. So much is said but not fully explained you have to search so much then no definate answers. I think the people that don’t comply could maybe not be able to digest all this. Its real, however too much a of mystery. Hindsight will be 2020. I think to myself prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

      4. Stephen King is the only writer that could bring this to life! Lol! I’ve watched a lot of videos from brilliant scientists that all agree it was made in a lab. I believe it. Which makes it that much more frightening. We can’t stop living. We can’t forever go into quarantine. I guess we just gotta make the best of a very bad situation. You are right, so much we do not know. Only time will teach us.

  2. Can’t help but being it’s not so much about a virus than it is about more government overreach and making us get chipped.

  3. Bravo my friend. You have hit the proverbial nail on the head dead center. I have felt this same way for quite some time now. I am fed up. I am with you all the way. Thank you. Love, Dawn Seidl Godsey

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