Plandemic Part 1

Very interesting interview with Dr. Judy Mikovitz, an American health activist and former medical researcher.

Watch the Banned Video “Plandemic”

14 thoughts on “Plandemic Part 1”

  1. The longer this goes on, the worse the theories are going to get. I won’t even call them conspiracies. There’s too much evidence to the contrary that something is indeed rotten in Denmark (and everywhere else). Tucker Carlson presses the New Jersey governor about his heavy handed quarantine policies violating civil rights and the idiot governor replies that worrying about civil rights in the state is above his pay grade?!?

    Yeah, this whole thing stinks.

    1. Indeed it does! I do like Tucker!! He’s a straight shooter. Oh civil liberties of the “free” are definitely being violated and then we see inmates being liberated. It’s ass backwards. I’m really trying to find some light topics for my big. Lol! But I cannot close my eyes to this. I will watch the video!! Thanks for sharing!