The Monsters under our Beds

It feels like we are living in a nightmare. A horror movie even. But this is reality. The streaming channels are packed full of virus/epidemic type movies right now. Even apocalyptic style movies. As much as my daughter and I love scary movies, those are ones we are avoiding.

Today while grocery shopping, I hear over the intercom, “we want to encourage everyone to practice safe social distancing….” I didn’t hear the rest of what was said. All I could think as I observed all the shoppers and staff with their faces covered in masks and hands in gloves was that this is the stuff of horror movies.

But it’s not a movie. It’s reality. The monster under our beds isn’t a flesh and blood monster of our nightmares. It’s a virus. A virus that has now been shown to have been engineered in a laboratory. Which makes this whole situation worse. Oh monsters do exist. They look like you and me.

11 thoughts on “The Monsters under our Beds”

  1. Great caption! At this point I am so cynical about what must really be going on behind closed doors that I wouldn’t be surprised at too much anymore. There is a lot more going on than any of us even know.

      1. I agree. I think places are opening back up too soon and the second wave will be worse than the first. 😥

  2. I didn’t know the proved it was from a lab. Last I heard they said it wasn’t. Does ANYONE ever know what they’re talking about? The lack of answers and conflicting information is making everything worse. I realize we can’t expect them to have answers this quickly but it would be better to just say they don’t know, until they do, rather that jerk everyone around all the time. Arggggg….

    1. It’s a touchy subject. That’s for sure. I have seen many videos of scientists explaining why it was engineered and others saying it just escaped the lab. I’ll be damned if I cannot find the videos now explaining about the receptors and why it looks to be man made. I also researched the scientists and their backgrounds. If indeed it was man made I can see why they are hushing it up. The last thing we need right now is a war. We gotta stabilize our health and economy that’s the priority. And we don’t want war. Though I want the truth-we will likely never get it. There’s too many conflicting reports out there. I do know Trump’s administration commented that they are checking into it. Here’s my issue with the timing of all of this. The trade deal between US and China, outbreak of virus follows not too long after. Something really stinks here. China first claimed virus started at market where it was later determined that there were no bats there. Wuhan lab is very close to market. The labs have been scrutinized for safety in the past. Now do I believe scientists created it for this purpose? Who’s to say. But it wouldn’t be surprising if they did so in order to better understand how virus works. The old saying-just because you can doesn’t mean you should comes to mind. There’s just too many coincidences here for me to believe that it’s release was accidental. I know I’ll be hit with conspiracy theory junkie title but with so much conflicting data on major news channels we are left to research independent sources. Then there’s multiple reports of doctors, journalists and scientists that tried to speak up and were never heard from again. What are they hiding?

      1. Imagine a war where the people fighting are dying from a virus, rather than being killed with guns and bombs. Unless one said has a cure they aren’t sharing with the rest of the world, of course. No one can believe a single thing that comes out of trumps mouth. Nothing. He’s a liar and an idiot.

      2. That is something a lot of my friends and I discussed. No bombs and not a single bullet. If the CCP wanted to take over, we agreed they would not care if it got many of their own people. They do not care. Which is beyond frightening. My sincerest hope is that it accidentally escaped laboratory but who knows for sure? I cannot imagine what it must be like to live under their leadership. Imagine to not be able to even have the discussion we are having right now. To be so afraid of repercussions you must stay quiet. I’d be in big trouble! Lol!

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