Drones Being Used to Monitor Activity in some U.S. Cities

Inmates being set free. Free people being arrested. Mayors ready to lock you up if you break quarantine rules but it is a do as I say not as I do situation. The world is in absolute chaos.

Wake up call! In a very short time we are seeing our civil liberties being taken. Little by little. Here we are. The conspiracy theorists are sitting back right now saying, I told you so!

How is this happening? Power hungry individuals in authoritarian positions. Fear mongering by our media. Deaths falsely being reported as Covid19.


8 thoughts on “Drones Being Used to Monitor Activity in some U.S. Cities”

  1. The above comments pretty much say it all.

    The worst part is you can’t even say it’s a Dem vs Pub thing. You’ve got “leaders” from both sides grabbing power and abusing authority like crazy. Georgia started the drone thing in the US. Texas is arresting people.

    If only that scientist were the only suspicious death too. This thing is disappearing people at a rate that has to make the Clintons green with envy. That’s going to be my next post…

    1. I’ll be looking for it!! And you’re so right! There’s issues all the way around. What we are living through, I never imagined I’d see in my lifetime. Not in a civilized society. Devils wear all kinds of disguises. Once your eyes are opened you cannot go back. There’s no way back.

  2. Yep, I agree with you totally. And those drones are Chinese as Tucker says. His show is not just the daily gossip. Of course, he’s a Libertarian, so he is watching all this stuff. And I don’t trust Bill Gates. This vaccine stuff is weird. Covid-19 researcher on the “brink” of something just got bumped off supposedly murder suicide. Just like a Dan Brown novel. 🙂 Getting weirder every day.

    1. I just read about the murder-suicide. I don’t trust Gates either. Why in the hell would we listen to him anyways in regards to a virus? Tucker is great! He’s straight to the point and does not mince words. I don’t trust any of it anymore. I’ll practice safety but I’m not isolating. It really is something out of a novel or movie. Just crazy!