Here, Let Me Think for You

That’s where we are. Anything that contradicts Fauci or the WHO is being deleted. YouTube is banning anything going against WHO. It’s parent company, Google is as well. We have these companies exercising power over the people in coordination with politicians.

Tucker hits it right on the head!

22 thoughts on “Here, Let Me Think for You”

  1. The very nature of science is that NOTHING is settled, that EVERYTHING is up for debate. Apparently not any more. We now have Science with a capital S that can’t be questioned lest you become a heretic or worse a blasphemer. It’s become a religion that has its own specific tenets. The people that are telling us to let the scientists make the call and to do what they tell us to do. It’s why, in two weeks when I go for my annual checkup, I’ll be forced to wear a mask and to wait in the car until they’re ready for me even though I know it’s asinine. They’re more worried about their rules than they are about my health and well-being.

    Sorry for getting worked up. These are things I don’t want to say on my own blog…

    1. No need to apologize. I’m pretty worked up about it as well. But I agree-it needs to be open for discussion. But we are being told what to listen to and what to do while they clean up anything that could make the WHO and Fauci seem to be inaccurate or seen in a bad light. Which makes me question it more!

      1. People are still deadset against using hydroxychloroquine despite its track record in Europe and here. I think because President Trump brought it up everybody thinks it’s a crazy idea. One of its biggest detractors is, you guessed it, Anthony Fauci…

      1. Oh yes! I was talking to my daughter about and she is 33 mind you. She found it hard to believe especially Google deleting articles from search engine. They grew up surrounded by the Internet. It’s been there Library, entertainment, gathering spot. It’s hard to make them understand that it’s run by people that sold their souls. How much is a soul worth I wonder?! Ugh!!!

      2. Well, at least there is some hope. I don;t know the cost of selling your soul to devil. All I know is that mine is NEVER for sale. I don’t care how many 0’s come behind those $$$$$$$. I CANNOT and WILL NOT EVER be bought.