Plandemic Part 1

Plandemic Part 1
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I found an independent site with original video. So Google, YouTube and such sites won’t be deleting it! Salute!

8 thoughts on “Plandemic Part 1”

    1. She might be lying. She might be telling the truth 💯 percent of just partially. Most videos and articles used Snopes as their resource to investigate. Admittedly do too. Snopes has been proven wrong many times. Snopes is run by a couple that started it as a hobby btw. Neither having investigative experience. I read Snopes investigation on it. They asked Fauci. Fauci lies under oath before. Saying that MMR vaccine never causes encephalitis then changed his story to only a small percentage. If he’s lied under oath I’d say they need to research it-really research it. There’s people that I saw stating she makes excellent points. I’ve also seen those say she’s nuts. What’s truth? We have the right to see and hear for ourselves. To them make informed decisions based on what we ourselves investigate. If they are even deleting anything about vitamins C and how it helps immune system at this time-I question the “powers that be”.

      1. I agree with you, Laura. I listened to the doc and at first, I was in agreement with several things she said, but for me, in the last 15ish minutes, there were several things that she said that were illogical and not supported by….anything. Seems like anymore, complex issues become only 2-sided when in fact, there are multiple sides and perspectives. We’ve lost the art of discussion, critical thinking, and compromise. Sigh. Hope you’re having a good day.

      2. I so agree!! We need to be able to discuss things-all things. As well as critical thinking and compromise. I am having a great day. Sun is shining and enjoying it with my puppy. He makes me crazy but makes me smile too. Lol! I hope you’re enjoying your day as well!

    2. Sorry about spelling errors-was typing and trying to keep giant puppy from eating my garden! 😂😂😂

      Also, I’m not trying to argue-I’m just upset with things being deleted on Google as well as YouTube. Including negative detailed information on Fauci. I’m sad to see our freedom of speech dying before our eyes. I mean no disrespect. ❤️

      1. Lol! I did….for now! 😂😂😂 Oh we must question everything and seek out information always. It’s just my nature. I’m not sure where I get that from? My friends come to me when they need research done. Hahaha! I like doing it. I always discover new things.

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