6 thoughts on “Deadly Flu of 1968 and Woodstock”

  1. Well, to be fair… You don’t justify bad behavior by pointing at more bad behavior.

    Remember, the disease is dangerous. I have no problem limiting large gatherings. It’s all the other abuses that government is trying that should sicken and offend us.

      1. We have lived through many wars; we have lived through many natural disasters; we have lived through other pandemics before and we have lived through 911, yet we NEVER shut down the world and its economy before in order to fight these things. So WHY, have we shut down the world NOW? It makes absolutely no sense at all, and now the “cure” is far worse than the virus ever was. The only way to fight this “war” is to fight it face on, and continue to LIVE. We CANNOT do this if we never escape our protective bubbles.

      2. That is true. We are in big trouble here. We can be cautious and get back to life. There’s a bigger agenda happening I have no doubt.

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