HR Trace Bill 6666-You Can’t Make This Shit Up!

Being herded like sheep. I’m just gonna let you read attached articles.

TRACE Act: Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush’s COVID-19 Bill, HR 6666, Sparks Backlash

15 thoughts on “HR Trace Bill 6666-You Can’t Make This Shit Up!”

  1. Like the Patriot Act, this is one of those things that looks harmless on the surface. Test everybody, make sure the population is safe.

    It’s what’s just beneath the surface that’s scary. With the test, they’ll have your DNA on file which can be used for all manner of insidious crap. Contrary to conspiracy nuts, we will NOT be chipped as part of this. We all already carry around the greatest intelligence weapon ever; a smart phone.

    With it, government and it’s approved lackies can track our movements, watch us through the cameras, listen to us thought the microphone, read our email & texts, see how we shop, etc… The East German Stazi (secret police) would have killed for this kind of ability back in the day. Put that TRACE app on the phone and they won’t even have to do it under the table anymore. You’ll have given them permission.

    1. Very true! They’ve been reporting for years that smart TVs are perfect for spying on individuals. Our phones are low jacks. I watched a video and the gentleman said-the Democrats don’t care anymore. They are letting world know they are they’re own power. The big players have enough money-they can do whatever they want and they have been for a long time. Only know they do not hide it.

      1. Smart TVs are also. They’re just not as mobile. We went out and bought a “small” 43 inch Samsung TV because we’ve been going nuts sitting in an empty apartment for a month. The thing tries it’s best to force you to tie the TV to Google.

        It also has a camera that it actively uses. We had a message pop up on screen asking us if we wanted to power down the TV because it didn’t see anyone in the room!!! Throw in the new “cool” voice command remotes and you’ve got full blown audio and visual surveillance just like with your cell phone.

      2. Everything is about information gathering nowadays. Any information that establishes your habits, interests, etc… is worth it’s weight in gold to manipulative ad agencies and shady government officials.

  2. In other countries contact tracing is voluntary- you get a little app that contacts you when a Covid person is near. I keep reading that my area has recovered from Covid19. I don’t think they ever knew they had it.

      1. Yeah that’s my question. Especially when they leave that open as part of the bill. Many YouTubers out there feel it’s a way to separate families. I’m not so sure they’re wrong.

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