Officer Greg Anderson has Been Placed on Administrative Leave for Speaking Out

I don’t sleep well at night anymore. I get a couple hours and then I’m up and thinking. Thinking about the world right now. I just saw this and it brought me to tears.

They gave him kudos for what he said but when it went viral-encouraged him to take video down. He refused. Then the governor stepped in and again he refused. Now he’s on administrative leave pending an investigation for insubordination.

In the video he states that maybe he is not meant to be a police officer. I disagree. You are the kind of individual that we need in that role. Hang tough! You’ve got a lot of people out here supporting you sir. To the powers that be-shame on you!

14 thoughts on “Officer Greg Anderson has Been Placed on Administrative Leave for Speaking Out”

  1. I am not liking the way our constitutional rights are being chipped away more and more. Thank you for sharing this Laura. Thank you Officer Anderson for your service and honesty.

  2. OMG That shows exactly how corrupt everything is. To be cited and fired because he believes IN THE CONSTITUTION and the RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE is horrific beyond belief. Is there some petition we can sign? Some way we can support this wonderful man? We need to DO SOMETHING to support him and our own rights. He should not be PUNISHED for doing the right thing. We need to do something, Laura.

    1. From 2nd video it is because the Governor wanted him to take it down. So I’m thinking the governors of Washington is who we need to contact. Which is Inslee. He just announced his plan to move forward with contact tracing. So chances are it will fall on deaf ears. If he doesn’t care about constitutional rights chances are pretty good he needs Anderson to be quiet about liberties. This world is an absolute mess.

      1. If you write up a petition, I’ll reblog it. We can send it to the governor or to his superior or even to him to show support. I’ll pass it around to anyone I can.

      2. I will work on that!! I posted about it on a well known activist’s page in comments. Hoping he sees it. He has a lot of people that follow him.

  3. He is indeed exactly what a cop SHOULD be. My dad, between his military time and afterwards spent 45 years as a cop. He’d be disgusted by this.

    A good cop has the most difficult job in the world, walking an increasingly fine line between protecting the public and respecting everyone’s civil rights. The governor there is a disgrace and should be impeached and jailed.

    1. It breaks my heart for him and for the world. Here’s a man standing up leading by example. A fine example and he’s being punished for it. The world needs men like him in such positions. Absolutely! The governor is one of many politicians that needs to go!

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