The Truth is Still the Truth, a Lie is Still a Lie; No Matter Who Believes It.

I just had a post marked on my blog on FB stating it contained inaccurate information. Yes I got back on FB. I have too many people that I maintain contact with on there plus it’s been my diary for many years. Memories, pictures. Anyways, the point of this blog post is censorship and the truth.

Now the video in the article below has Doctor Robert Levin stating that people will be removed from their home in order to protect others in their home. Oops! Was he not supposed to confirm that just yet? Mmm hmmm. The original video I posted cannot be shared any longer. I had to hunt for this link which includes transcript of his comments. The video of him stating this is the part of my post that FB claimed was false information. How can they make such a claim? Well, apparently the good doctor retracted his statement. Okay, fine. I can understand if all facts are not included. But the video did say, he has since retracted his statement. The plot thickens! Something stinks and it’s hitting me from multiple directions.

Denouncing Dr. Levin’s contact tracing | Big Brother is Coming to Ventura Country!

6 thoughts on “The Truth is Still the Truth, a Lie is Still a Lie; No Matter Who Believes It.”

  1. The “fact checker” headlines and articles are hilarious. They often don’t even address what the links actually say, but rather a strawman version of it. The funniest one, however, was a fact checker headline saying the claims in the link were false; but the rest of the headline stated the exact same thing in the article. So it was saying the facts in the article were true, while also marking it as false, in the same headline.


  2. The 68 69 swine flu that you posted about last week didnt have contract tracing- quarantine, Isolation, my cousin had spinal meningitis which was very dangerous. They quarantined us at home. That was scary just knowing something super dangerous was there.
    But this video seems weird- wanting to know who u had contact with. Contact doesn’t mean you get it. My sister is decades older than me and remembers the polio outbreak- even had a friend that caught it. It was horrible. She said they didn’t quarantine back then

    1. That’s very true! This is being used for a political coo. I’m ashamed of many of our politicians. If it was up to Fauci we would Quarantine indefinitely. How much sense does half of what they are saying make? Fear is a powerful motivator.

  3. This censorship thing is getting to be terrifying. And only the beginning if the progressives get their way on this. We must be very careful they don’t use this virus to eradicate all freedom in this country.

    1. That’s exactly what they’re trying to do too. It’s one thing to delete something without evidence to back it up but it’s another to say that something is false when it’s truth. They’re telling us what we hear and see is lies. It’s frightening as hell!

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