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      1. No! It contains permission to track people and anyone they come in contact with that has Covid19. So if your shopping at same store as someone with Covid19. Boom. We got some areas in country stating they will take people out of their homes to “prevent spreading to families”. It’s a way to legally track everyone. To allow their worker bees enter anyone’s home legally. They plan to use schools, universities, churches etc to keep them informed. It’s absolute insanity!

      2. It is… but it’s a proposition. They “ our government who works for us” won’t have the means to physically mandate every single American through the process. There will be resistance. There will be refusals.
        As far as actual “ sick people” , they need to just stay home.

      3. Oh I agree that if sick-they should quarantine. Oh there will be major resistance. It’s a major violation of civil rights. They’re wanting to federalize the voting system and if states are not ready to follow federal protocol by this election they’ll face penalties. There’s a lot in there that has nothing to do with helping American people-Salt tax deduction, cash for clunkers airplane program. Some things are just ridiculous to be included in this bill and labeled relief.

        I did read part of the proposed bill and the tracking system would require $5 million to the House for equipment, upgrades, WiFi etc to help with Covid19. The GAO $30 million to conduct oversight of funding to federal departments and agencies coronavirus response and recovery. I got through 90 pages and rest were not available. I sure would like to see all of it.

      4. Do you realize they tract us already? Phone GPS, debit card microchips. Any new suggestion is always something already happening….

      5. 😂😂😂😂 you could buy your own island and create your own government? That’s always an option. Lol

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