The Media’s Complicity is the Biggest Betrayal of All

I sure do miss Walter Cronkite. They don’t make them like they used to.

I hear so many promote their news sources as the only truth. I’m here to tell you that we need to research stories. We see videos edited to fit the agenda of the source. We see major news conglomerates touting their opinions and bias and parading them as fact.

Now we are being force fed one agenda on many social media sites. We are being told what to think. worse than that, we are being told lies are truth and truth are lies.

So, how much is a soul worth I ask? When you sell out to political parties you are indeed selling your soul. You endanger our right to truth and our freedom of speech and thought. You give powerful self-serving individuals more power over the people.

Now there’s some reporters that are in it to get that once in a lifetime story to make their career. Some spouting their opinion instead of fact. Then there are the most dangerous ones of all. The ones that are complicit in covering up truth.

I research everything I post. I don’t just watch one side, I watch everything I can find on a story. Realizing the truth lies somewhere in between. We shouldn’t let loyalties to news conglomerates sway us. We can no longer just sit and take their word for anything. We must be pro-active and seek truth.

And that’s the way it is. I sure do miss Walter Conkite.

22 thoughts on “The Media’s Complicity is the Biggest Betrayal of All”

  1. Hi Laura. Yep, journalism is dead. Chris Wallace is the closest to real journalism. I think he gets some things wrong and I don’t agree with him all the time, but he makes an honest attempt to ask hard questions of everyone. The closest, I think. Brett Baier is pretty close, but the left media is a joke in this country. Hitler and Stalin controlled the media and that is what the left has done here for the last twenty years, never more so than since Donald Trump was elected. Now there is not even a pretext at journalism. The opinion shows on Fox are still good, but that’s what they are. Tucker Carlson is a show you don’t want to miss, but that is not a straight news show. I read the New York Times and Huffington Post just to see if anything gets left out. You have to read it all. The left spins the news way more than Fox News does, but I still read it. I can’t stomach the left cable news shows. I’m not sure if you follow my blog or I just follow yours, but here is a post I wrote about what is happening here. I couldn’t agree with you more. The censorship happening here and these big tech companies so obviously with a left agenda. I was an adjunct professor in Northern Michigan and I can’t tell you all the scary stories about the culture in universities now. Hollywood, the left media, and the domination of the left in our colleges and universities (let alone grade school) is very unnerving. We’ve let the left dominate all the influence over our young. But I also agree with you you have to listen and read all of it, not just the people you agree with. Debate and critical thinking are no longer the aim of higher education. It is no longer a place of ideas. I am convinced the left not only does not consider these opinions, their goal is to silence them.

    1. It’s very upsetting that the media including social media sites provide their versions only. But social media-namely Facebook is going as far as labeling things as false information when it is not. That is beyond frightening. It’s brainwashing.

      Don’t believe that man in the video saying they’ll come into your home and take you out. When that’s exactly what he said. They marked my post as inaccurate information for everyone to see. What they sent me was the part of the video that showed Dr. Robert Levin’s video where he said just that. Told me it was inaccurate information. If it was just a snip of his conference and something was left out-fine. But it was not. It was his entire conference in Ventura County California. I watched it in it’s entirety.

      So between school and social media in which our youth grew up with-they are being force fed an agenda. They take it for fact. They don’t search out all sites to see what everyone is saying.

      They are not only killing freedom of speech they are killing freedom of thought. We are in a lot of trouble here. And yes the goal is to silence anything that goes against the left’s agenda.

  2. Yes, exactly what I was thinking about last night .. Demorats as they are called and Re- publicans …. Pharisees and Saducees. As the bible says” What will a man give in exchange for a soul”. Well if you wanna go all biblical.. As in the days of Noah, ( and at his time on earth) Jesus was in the middle .

    1. It’s a sad sad time. We gotta keep our faith always. I am Laura. I’m neither Republican or Democrat. Lol! I’m me. I see points from both sides. Agree with some and disagree with others. I always try to look at who I feel would do the best job for the people. I realized a long time ago that the system was corrupt. But there was never in our faces corruption as what I’m hearing lately. I’m big into what is right and just. I’m not a right fighter but will fight for what is right. I’m appalled by the things I see our countrymen doing. The system is set up a certain way. It’s ran this way forever. For better or worse, we accept the decision of our people and hope the captain of our ship does not crash and burn. As if he does-we all do. To purposely set out to sink the ship with everyone on board -is mind blowing to me. And to destroy innocent lives with lies. It’s a betrayal to the people. And the media is complicit in such things which makes it even worse. Sorry I went off on a bit of a rant. It’s all just so upsetting.

      1. I do every thing that I can to ignore politics but it is so in your face now. When Obama was president I noticed the constant clammer on tv, media, i ignored it. Our state is in Phase 1. Big business opened. Small no. The lockdown seemed over night. It was for a good reason. But, people are losing jobs, losing businesses. If they take precautions they have to right to work. Big business opened not fair. But all you can do is vote. I like some things from both parties to, but the left is just too intrusive. Last year I heard a Pelosi speech and she was acting like Americans were her kids. We are grown ups and deserve not to treated like kindergartners. All this energy they are giving needs to be put in a positive civil manner and constructive . holding back like the dems did last year was childish. People scare me when they are so dedicated to a party they treat it like a religion. Rest homes and prisons was the reasoning for the no open. People in rest homes cant see relatives – the only people who could infect them are workers- why not test the workers- they are just as front line as hospital workers- makes nooo sense.

      2. Agree! I am so sick of hearing these horrible things. There’s enough shit going on without a pissing contest. Though if there’s evidence and it sounds like there is-anyone responsible for setting Flynn up and then moving forward with impeachment should be held accountable. If they get away with it, there is no stopping them from doing it again. They destroyed lives. Without blinking an eye. They wasted 3.6 million in taxpayers money for impeachment. They deceived the American people. Who knows what Trump may have been able to accomplish without that circus going on? It’s reprehensible. I’m not the biggest fan of Trump and of some of the things he has said or done but he was voted in as our president and they should have sucked it up and let him do the job he was elected to do.

        A lot of this doesn’t make sense. They throw people in jail for breaking lockdown but release prisoners and some are rapists and molesters. It’s absolute insanity. And you’re right all we can do is vote and hope whoever is elected really has the people’s best interest. Pelosi is not someone I’d want representing my party. She is something else. There’s good on both sides and bad on both sides. But the left shot themselves in the foot doing what they did.

        If both parties can’t come together I’m a crisis, they never will. Hillary even said, it would be a shame to waste this crisis. So no it won’t happen.

      3. I was chilled to the very bone when Hillary said( i heard her say on tv) that babies could be aborted to the very day of birth. That sickened me. I googled and found a Pro life democrat party. Democrats for life. They sounded real good- but said the Democratic Party didn’t want them. And about what you said.. Strange how the party that use to be for the working man is for the rich man now. Trump isn’t perfect, but I like him more as time goes by. The impeachment trial was an embarrassment. A power grab like you’ve stated before..

      4. Aborted the day of birth? I didn’t know that. That awful! How can that be legal?

        That was one thing that did upset me about Trump was him stopping funding to Planned Parenthood. It was about the time everyone was passing laws against abortion even in event of rape/or incest. I just feel a rape victim should have the choice since the rap was not her choice. Plus PP does early screening for low income women which I felt was important.

        I voted for Trump cause I felt he was the lesser of two evils. Honestly! I didn’t like my options last election. I was regretting my decision for a while. But over last year prior to Covid-I started to see what he was trying to do. He created more jobs in his 3 years as president than Obama did in two terms. I still didn’t and don’t agree with everything but who is going to agree with every decision of a president? Plus I think sometimes he needs to shit his mouth. Lol!

        Yeah the Democratic Party is not the same. It’s complete opposite of what it once stood for. It was about a power grab. It just sickens me that we have people that have so much power they think they can do anything to anyone without consequence. Sadly, I really think they’ll all get away with it too. Their connections and money run far. I just don’t see justice being done. They took Flynn out to get to Trump. He was too smart and knew how things work there. They couldn’t have him getting in the way of step 2 of their plan. They destroyed a good man that dedicated his life to our country just to get to Trump. Does anyone feel safe knowing this? They did it to him they can do it to anybody.

      5. Yes, very scary thinking where this all could lead. I just watched Tucker on Foxx and a man was on there and said he didn’t need the mothering of the liberals. Prior to watching a vid concert , a hater was telling me in my states website that Trump was a liar- blah blah. It is getting to a point of indoctrination behavior in the liberals. Planned parenthood sold baby body parts and were caught. It should be closed. No exception to abortion- I don’t go for that either. I just don’t how we got here.
        I was listening to Megadeths song We the people written in 2011. I looked at the lyrics and was amazed at how similar they are to what you said. People don’t know right from wrong.
        What I’ve noticed is Trump will act like he is not listening to the press and say something vague- but eventually does the right thing. They do hound him. I dont know how he stands it.

      6. I just worry about where we are right now and where we will be if Democrats win in October. I’ve said it before that I don’t belong to either party and have voted both ways over the years. But this is different. There’s a lot more at stake right now. Our freedom. Pelosi’s recently proposed bill is proof of that. The left is definitely not the left of old. Their shady dealings of late speaks volumes!

        I posted something some time back on FB and many people chimed in on political views. Many were appalled by how Trump talks to the media. But many defended him stating that a president has never before been treated with such disrespect. That they are constantly trying to push his button and defend him coming back at him. Some hate him with a passion but love Hillary. Pointing out his shortcomings while ignoring hers and vice versa. I only mention this because this post showed me just how far apart people are in regards to Trump.

      7. As I was on a site yesterday, there was so much rigidness about in terms of personality of politicians. It’s a fact Trump liked to debate. That is what they all do- have debates. I don’t look at personalities I look at performance. A woman was trying to debate me about Bidens current scandal and the Stormy Daniels thing. I told her I could care less what they did before they were elected- regarding Trump. What matters to me is how they are gonna fix the economy their social affairs can wait- until this virus thing has past. About Hillary I liked her but didnt like her views on abortion.
        I noticed something yesterday that popped out at me
        Ted(Edward) Kennedy was in a wreck with a woman named Mary Jo. She died. A person said she lingered in an air bubble for 30 minutes before drowning- according to Wikipedia- Ted left the scene, he didn’t report it til the next day. She left her keys and purse when she left with him. Which was weird. He was charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Yet he continued to be Senator for decades with multiple accolades. So many social changes for good. It never said why he left her at that lake and didn’t report it then. That was in the 1960s. So that makes me think political positions are just jobs.

      8. The truth is once you are in the spotlight you’re fair game. Every single thing you’ve ever done comes into play. It’s used by political rivals, it’s meat for the beasts (media) and for the public. We’d all like to think that we are forgiving of people’s pasts but a lot of people do factor these things in their decisions.

        Then all of us have issues we feel very strong about. Which is a major factor in our final decision.

        I watch everything on the Kennedy clan. Fascinated by them. I do remember watching a documentary on that. Horrible!

        Maybe they are just jobs. But they hold us in the palms of their hands. So I think we want to hold them to a higher standard but with the things we hear about all of them it is kinda hard to do. Lol! No one is pristine and to get anywhere in politics it seems you gotta play the game. Sad but true.

        I had people want to debate me and became combative. I felt like my post already had expressed my views and I wasn’t feeding into it. I’m not going to debate or argue. I will discuss it though. That’s the idealist in me. Thinking we should be able to discuss the issues in a non-combative manner. Hoping that all come out with an understanding of where the other is coming from. Lol! If only!

      9. Exactly if only. Too bad it wasn’t simpler. So and so goes into work and says we this needs done and they all think of a way to make it work. For some reason most of the time Trump is like that. Aside from personality. I keep telling people that try to debate me- he’s not a politician, or wasn’t, he’s a businessman.. Cheers

  3. Freedom of the press and journalism are as corrupt as the big G itself.

    Journalists are given an assignment to write about and basically copy and paste what to say. And then it proof read by editors that remove any truth that might have slipped.

  4. They almost ALL do it, Laura. I catch Hannity playing word games and telling half truths all the time, Glen Beck is guilty of sensationalism on a regular basis (everything is about the coming collapse… so BUY GOLD!), etc… The FAR Left just has many more voices so it’s easier to see it with them.

    It’s been going on for a LONG LONG time too. William Randolf Hearst helped start the Spanish American War with nonstop stories about the evil Spanish and Cuba. 60 Minutes’ famous story on the Ford Pinto was a complete fabrication. They made it explode after several failed attempts by sticking a lit rag in the gas fill pipe. Even Cronkite was guilty. At the start of the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War, he declared America had lost the war and turned the country FULLY against it. Never mind we turned back that offensive completely in 5 days. He only continued to double down on the lost war rhetoric too.

    Fact check EVERYONE. Take NOTHING at face value.

    1. I did look Cronkite up and I did read where he gave his opinion, “the bloody experience of Vietnam is to end in a stalemate.” This article showed support plummeted much later. So again here we are with different sources and different info. I was just a kid so all I have of Vietnam is what my dad told me about it while there and History channel. I do however remember growing up watching Cronkite. He seemed to me as a kid to be more of a straight shooter. It does say that him and producers put that segment together and based it from many commanders’ data he’d been given.
      I didn’t check anything though about reports following. He let his emotions get involved as it seems so many do anymore.

      I’d say it’s only gotten worse over the years. The media has turned into the Enquirer. And I agree -you gotta watch all media sources. That’s why I check several. I usually end up at Epoch Times by the time it’s all said and done.