Easy Listening Sunday

It’s been rainy and flooding around here. My backyard was a swamp last night. I noticed I had a blockage in the gutter. Great! So early this morning I was on my step stool with a hose and some tongs and a kitchen spoon. Yes, I’m aware that’s not likely the typical tools used for such a job but you gotta go with what ya got!

Needless to say my step stool wasn’t tall enough for me to actually be able to see into my gutters. But I could reach in with tongs and gloved hand and feel a lot of sediment. I just kept working it towards downspout with spoon and the hose. I would imagine it was pretty entertaining to watch. It wasn’t much fun from my end!

But after about 30 minutes of doing this I finally saw results. The water was flowing from the downspout once again. Yaaah!! By the time I was done, I’m covered in gutter gunk and soak and wet. Well, I figured since I was already nasty, might as well trim a couple bushes that were out of control. That also meant sawing a couple trees that were growing up in said bushes. Not the finest way to start the day but I did get a lot accomplished.

Afterwards I soaked in an Epsom Salt bath and washed my retro supersized hair. Now I’m kicking back and taking in some easy listening type tunes. Rest of today will be a lazy Sunday! My body is done!

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