Ignorance is Bliss, Operation Paperclip

Ever heard something so absolutely bizarre you just know there’s no way in hell it could be true? Only to find out you were wrong?

Exhibit 1-Operation Paperclip

I started watching the series, Hunters on Amazon Prime. The series is about a group of New Yorkers hunting down Nazis in the 70s and bringing them to justice. It’s a great series. I binged it’s first and only season thus far yesterday. In one episode they were hunting one particular Nazi and it led them to NASA. They tell the story of how the US brought several Nazis to the US, gave them citizenship, whitewashed their war crimes and put them to work on our space program.

I found that absurd. But me being me, looked up Operation Paperclip and it is real! I was really thrown by this. Disgusted and thrown. Ignorance truly is bliss.



12 thoughts on “Ignorance is Bliss, Operation Paperclip”

      1. He in fact was going to expose the entire conspiracy. He said right before his departure for Dallas that there was a plot to enslave every man, woman and child. And he intended to reveal it to the public.

      2. Read about the JFK files that were released a few years ago.

  1. Yeah, the Trump era has pulled back the curtain on so many government abuses. While it’s been completely upsetting, it’s really good we saw it. No more ignorant bliss I’m afraid. Time to support the Civil Libertarians like Mike Lee and Rand Paul. One of my bloggers claimed to be a “voluntaryist” — I was surprised as a Libertarian that didn’t ring a bell since Emerson and Thoreau are linked to it — and Ayn Rand. Probably the closest we will get to any of that is Mike Lee or Rand Paul. But as Americans we better stop these deep state government abuses and we also better watch carefully this authoritarian power grab by Democrats. If Whitmer is any taste of it here in Michigan, we are truly on the precipice of losing our freedom for good.

  2. The people who run our country have no stopping point. Greed has always been their motivation. George Washington owned 317 slaves. He OWNED people. It doesn’t matter what crimes are committed, as long as we get what we want from them. It’s horrifying and disgusting. I agree. Those are our “leaders.” That’s why the idiot can stand in front of people and say it’s only a tiny fraction of people who are dying, so what’s the big deal. Idiots and they have no honor. That’s what’s missing. The Ugly American has a much deeper meaning than we were led to believe. We lie, erase the truths we don’t like and just go on with our lives. Horrible.

      1. Oh I’m sure it isn’t just us. “For the greater good” is a philosophy likely used. But it is morally reprehensible. And you’re right it’s been going on forever and it will continue to.

    1. I was absolutely thrown by this. Ya know I’ve heard about Nazis that escaped to other countries. They had to have help from somewhere to do so. But I never imagined it would be in this way. It thoroughly disgusts me. Can you imagine a survived seeing this back then? It’s a kick in the teeth!

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