At Some Point You Gotta Say Enough is Enough

I thought I already learned this lesson a long time ago. But sometimes things happen that remind you that you have the say in what you will accept and in what you won’t. Period.

It doesn’t matter what type of relationship it is. Family, friends, a love interest. If someone purposely hurts you, you gotta protect yourself and maintain your tranquility. I am too old to have to tell anyone how they should act. People know.

This can pertain to someone disrespecting you by not recognizing boundaries or issues previously addressed. This definitely pertains to anyone seeking to hurt others whether due to mental illness or lack of empathy.

I feel for anyone with a mental illness. But if they need help, they gotta help theirselves. Turning your life upside down and inside out is enabling. Plus their chaos becomes your chaos. Some people know they have these issues and choose to do nothing about it. Instead they seek and destroy others to try to rid theirselves of their own venom. They do this usually to those that care the most about them.

We can care. We can try. But what it comes down to is us as individuals and what we want our lives to be. If someone knows they need help but does not get it, one should not allow theirselves to be moving targets for those people.