JFK-It’s Complicated

I have written about my opinion on JFK’s assassination before. For years, one conspiracy leading the way was that the CIA was behind the assassination. In my research I came across an article by Dave Perry. He has been researching the JFK assassination since 1976. He has been able to debunk every conspiracy theory but one. Can you guess which one that is? He cannot debunk the theory that the CIA was involved.

I have watched a movie called Dark Legacy many times. It provides connections of CIA members to Oswald as well as Oswald’s assassin, Ruby to Nixon. It tries to connect George H. W. Bush. Why do I say try? It turns out that at the time of Kennedy’s Assassination another George Bush worked for the CIA. So that is questionable. Sources also say that George H. W. Bush was not in the CIA at that time. The movie does mention all of this. It also briefs the viewer on the many pertinent events of that time period.

The movie is not like conspiracy theory shows of the past. It provides compelling information. Some information can’t be legitimized as I don’t have access to it. Dark Legacy answers many questions but it also leaves you with many questions.

That being said I would like to talk a bit about E. Howard Hunt. (Who is a major focus in this movie) He is famous for his contribution in the Watergate scandal. Yes that one! He had confessed to his son that he was involved in JFK’s assassination. In a deathbed confession he also provided names of other conspirators. Including one, Cord Meyer, a CIA agent whose then ex-wife allegedly had a relationship with….wait for it. You guessed it, JFK. Coincidently (or not) his ex-wife was murdered (just weeks after the Warren Commission report was released) and the case was never solved. His ex-wife, Mary Eno Pinchot Meyer was a well known painter. She also had a long history of criticism for the CIA. Is your head spinning yet? I should also mention that her murder case has been sealed. Hmm. The plot thickens.

I’m not stating that this movie is the answer we have been looking for all these years but it sure does make you think! It gets very detailed in connecting influential individuals with key players and upcoming political figures at that time. As well as CIA connections. It’s a very complicated “Six Degrees of Conspiracy” type of getting to know you.

Whew! Researching this has been exhausting. To say it’s complicated is an understatement. As a person that has always believed Oswald to be the patsy, I find Dark Legacy very fascinating.

In conclusion I offer only my opinion on the assassination of JFK. I still believe Oswald to be the patsy. If he was involved I do not believe it to be as the sole assassin or mastermind. I believe that if there is evidence that can piece this puzzle conclusively together-it is still sealed. Do we really think that our political officials are going to hand conclusive evidence over that incriminates itself? Not likely.


Click to access CIA-RDP99-01448R000401580054-2.pdf

E. Howard Hunt’s JFK Assassination Confession: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

19 thoughts on “JFK-It’s Complicated”

  1. JFK was taken out by members from within his inner sanctum

    Just like Malcom X was assassinated by members within his own religious organisation

    “Just because you are individual of echelon stature doesn’t mean you are not expendable ” E.O.S


  2. I’ve always found that to be a strong possibility as well. The Mob had definite issue there. I think that’s why I have watched Dark Legacy so many times. It gives all acquaintances of major players. Ruby had ties to the mob yes but he had ties to many political figures also. It’s a little over an hour movie that is so packed with information it’s easy to watch it multiple times and hear something you missed previously. Hoffa- that’s another one that I’ve always been curious about but always felt mob was behind it.

  3. I love hearing all the speculations and thoughts on this. There’s a really interesting book called, “Dr. Mary’s Monkeys” by Edward T Haslam that gives even more information.

    1. Yes the CIA is as dirty as they come. I really had no idea until I watched Dark Legacy about the Bush family legacy. It caused me to research them more. I tell ya what the American people need to wake up because there’s a lot happening and still so many just do not see. That scares me more than anything. There’s a lot of information out there if we look. But too many are content with accepting everything the media tells them. It’s not good.

  4. He went against “the flow”. I think his affair with Marylyn Monroe woke him up and became his come to Jesus moment. He wanted to start doing what an American president is supposed to do and do right by the people and bring accountability to the big G.

    His “rebellion” would have blown the cover completely off the NWO and every crooked politician in the world. They couldn’t have that. So they handled him…..

    1. Absolutely!!! I believe he was even considering shutting down the CIA. Which was major! This puzzle has many participants. Secret societies, millionaires, power hungry politicians, corrupt agents. Money can buy a lot of weak individuals. That’s why I say you cannot belong to a party. There’s corruption in both. Individuals from both parties wanting NWO. I’ve read a book, the Shadow Party. It pretty much puts much of this on players in the Democratic Party. Maybe they are dominate but they are not alone. It’s sickening.

      1. Everyone loves blaming democrats. And yes, they’re pretty obvious but it’s their role to play. The republicans are exactly the. They play their roles and we decide which side to jump on and we get divided against each other.

        The entire government is a show that keeps us entertained while our demise is set up all around us.

    1. Prescott Bush blamed him for the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion. They wanted Castro out. The Select Committee formed after JFK’s assassination found multiple attempts to assassinate Castro. They also found that CIA did not provide all information to the Warren Committee. This is worth watching. It’s a little over an hour. That’s it. Link is in post.

      Castro is quotes as saying when hearing LBJ was president due to assassination, what power does he have over the CIA? It’s in the Select Committee investigation. Kennedy was a threat to the direction many big players wanted the world to go.

      1. Also Zapata Oil is the Bush family. They were allegedly funneling money illegally with help of CIA. Kennedy was cleaning house which stood in their way.

      2. This doesn’t cover Robert. But I know MLK and Robert Kennedy both we’re working towards peace amongst all races. Sirhan said he did it for his country. I haven’t delved into researching it further. Some feel Sirhan was a Manchurian Candidate used by the CIA. Cause at one time he claimed he remembered everything about that day except the murder. But I’ve not really delved into his assassination.

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