The NWO isn’t something new. It’s been talked about for a very long time. This particular post focuses on Henry Kissinger.

These words-New World Order have been used by a multitude of politicians and that includes presidents. Both Republican and Democrat.

Were we just ignorant? Naive? Or just plain oblivious? The plan was set into motion a long time ago.

The Plan according to Kissinger is get the people to relinquish their rights. What are we seeing happening in our country?

Waking up yet?




13 thoughts on “NWO-Kissinger”

    1. I knew some of it but upon research I learned a hell of a lot more. There’s a long history of a group of powerful people trying to run and control it all. Little by little I’m trying to connect those dots for everyone. Cause honestly as a whole it is overwhelming. It seems too much to believe. But I researched this thoroughly. It’s not conspiracy if it’s happening.

      1. There’s no theory about it. It’s all fact. Psalm 2 talks about it. The book of Daniel gives detail. And of course, Revelations. It’s happening. And people are too caught up by their antics to see what’s happening.

  1. Wow. My mom ( who said things without totally explaining) use to say frequently that she thought HK was the antichrist. She also thought Gorbachev was too because of the birthmark on his head. Her best friend who was a Democrat thought the Bushes were Illuminati. Mom and her friend use to scare me to death. According to the bible the antichrist with be a charming charismatic leader whom the 10 kings ( in Rev 13) will give their power to.

    1. There’s no telling who the antichrist is or will be. There’s all kinds of theories. I remember people talking about Gorbachev when I was younger as a possibility. Prospects all terrifying. Have you ever checked into the Skull and Bones Society? A lot of conspiracies regarding these types of societies. This particular one has had and still has some very powerful members. All the Bush men, John F Kerry, William Howard Taft, Lyman Spitzer, William F Buckley Jr, Stephen A Schwarzman. Some powerful people in that lineup. There’s not a lot known about the organization as it’s a secret or supposed to be anyways. But if you check into it, it leads you to so many things.

      1. I’ve always said in groups( no offense please) if there was a secret society no one would ever know about it. Years ago, I listened to Sylvia Brownes auto book about Secret Societies. It is the same people that every website talks about.
        One thing I found myself on Wikipedia about JFK was that he didn’t contest taking prayer out of school. It said just accept it you can pray at home. As him being a Catholic I thought that was surprising. Party lines are thick- even back then.

    1. Oh yes!! Those words scare the hell out of me. The Bushes have a darker legacy than most realize. I found a lot out from a movie called Dark Legacy. It’s about assassination of JFK. It brings all players to light. Mainly the CIA and Senior Bush. His dad laundered money for the Nazis during WWII.