Ignorance is Bliss-And That’s the Way it Is

Upon scratching deeper into my search for truth, I’ve discovered many things about many people. Including Walter Cronkite with whom I placed on a pedestal in a previous post. Let me explain-I felt in comparison to the newscasters today he was far superior. Did I ever take a kick in the teeth with reading some snippets of his book, A Reporter’s Life.

I quote, “A system of world order—preferably a system of a world government—is mandatory. Ouch!

Upon accepting the 1999 Norman Cousins Global Governance Award at the United Nations he is quoted as saying, it seems to many of us if we are to avoid the eventual catastrophic world conflict we must strengthen the United Nations as a first step towards a world government.

I had a fellow blogger tell me to research everybody! I felt I had adequately researched for my post but I was wrong. Now I know what she meant. I knew about many individuals quest for more power. But he is one that really shocked me to hear he was a propagandist. We live we learn. We research we learn.

I no longer miss Walter. I miss my ignorance. And that’s the way it is.

8 thoughts on “Ignorance is Bliss-And That’s the Way it Is”

  1. Whether it is one world government or a million governments in one world, what difference it will make to an individual? Unfortunately UN is exactly the place where the universal rights are “vetoed” every chance they get. For now, these 5 veto powers make sure we won’t have one world for quite a looong time to come.

  2. I feel like I’m at least partly responsible for setting down this road. Let me offer a couple of caveats to the whole research thing.

    First, don’t worry about people that no longer have any influence. Cronkite is dead to the world. I’m not sure how much he’s even quoted or held up as any kind of an example in journalism school at this point. I’d be far more concerned about John Lennon’s utopian socialist fantasy ideas than Cronkite.

    Second, if it’s not a primary source, question it’s authenticity. Every group has “ends justify the means” members who will make up wild crap and attribute it to a historical figure. A great example here is “Communists? What’s wrong with Communists? Some of my best friends are Communists.” That attributed to FDR in 1948. Trouble is, he died in 1945. O_o

    FDR was the worst socialist in our country’s history. He wasn’t a communist though, and certainly wasn’t around to make those sorts of comments as credited to him in the middle of the cold war.

    1. I learned a valuable lesson on this. So thank you. You know the way we remember things or people as a child is through very different eyes. Not to mention growing up, we were limited where we could go for news. At least we have access now to many things to help in research. Oh and he is dead. Dead dead dead. Your comment had me laughing. Very true but found some humor in it.

      I found out more about him when I was actually researching proponents of NWO. Then I just had to delve deeper. Your words were ringing in my head. I’m glad I dug deeper. I want to know these things. I think? Lol! Some things I’ve found just blow my mind.

  3. I hate to sound crude , but me and my sister have always wondered how Kris Kristofferson ever got famous. Neither of us though that he could carry a tune in a bucket. However, I know he’s a great songwriter. Cheers

  4. I learned this a long time ago…if they’re in the limelight, they’re one of them.

    Duck Dynasty, Toby Mac even those who own the NRA, Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas… yep.. them.

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