Food for Thought-Don’t Put Me in a Box

I voted for him

so that means I’m a racist.

You voted for her means

you condone murder.

I have dark skin

that means I am a criminal.

You have light skin

so you’ve lived a privileged life.

He is poor.

He is from the wrong side of the tracks.

She married a rich man.

She is using him.

I want nice things.

That makes me boujee.

She lives in Section 8 housing.

She must be lazy.

I like to look nice.

She’s trying to get laid.

She likes sweats and to go without make-up.

She is nasty.

He has a weight problem.

He needs to eat less and move more.

She is too skinny.

She is on crack.

He likes beer and football.

He is a redneck.

He likes dancing and reading.

He must be gay.

She uses birth control.

She is a whore.

She has 3 babies and is unmarried.

She needs to close her legs.

She carries a gun.

She’s looking for trouble.

He preaches peace.

He must be a pussy.

She’s looking for understanding.

She’s awfully needy.

She is a loner.

She is so weird.

-Laura Venturini


Are we getting the picture? Silence is deadly when we should speak up. The wrong words are damaging.

Everyone is guilty of it. It serves no purpose. Speak words of substance. How can the world come together if we don’t break free from such thinking?

4 thoughts on “Food for Thought-Don’t Put Me in a Box”

  1. People will always judge others. The only thing we can do about it is try not to care. I love the 1950’s and to some people that means I’m backwards thinking, naive, ultra moralistic, old-fashioned, etc.. etc.. People will never, ever stop passing judgement on others, so we just need to not care what people think. That’s the hardest part, for me. I feel like I always have to explain myself: “I’m not an old fashioned prude” But then if I cuss or act strong, I’m “ghetto”. As humans, we will never, ever be able to please everyone because, as humans, we really can’t think outside of the box. It’s impossible. It’s in our DNA to judge, even if it’s only a teeny tiny bit of judgement, we all pass judgement on others. It’s a shame, but it’s just human nature.

    1. I we do so as we get older. Life has taught us to watch out for certain criteria if you will in people. We should always be cautious of who we let in our world. But I have heard so many people run their mouths about everybody. I keep my mouth shut and observe everybody. It doesn’t matter their race, gender or anything else. I watch and listen closely. I don’t let many too close but I learned a some hard lessons. I keep those I have close.

      I agree people do judge and we have to not care. I developed the philosophy, anyone who knows me knows, those that don’t can think whatever they took me a long time to get there though. I used to worry what everybody thought. I was a people pleaser. I got over that.

      But if we don’t try to open our minds and bother to learn what someone’s story really is; we close ourselves into thinking one way. What we perceive to be truth is just a small piece of a giant puzzle.

      People aren’t just where they’re from, how much money they have, how much make-up they wear. There’s much more to each and every being. We need to be able to see that.

      1. That’s true. The initial judgement on a person might pop into our minds, but once we realize that there is a bigger picture, that opens our minds more. That’s a good point! 🙂