There’s Always Hope

When the weight of the world is too much to endure. I give it to God. I pray with much regularity. More so when my heart is heavy. My heart is so very heavy.

We believe people have hearts like ours. But that’s a dangerous fantasy. There’s a lot of hate in the world.

I want to pray for you. Yes you. If you have been discriminated against. I pray for things to change for the better so that you never must endure that again.

If you have lost someone to violence. I pray for you and your family.

If you’ve taken and taken and cannot take much more. I pray God shows you how strong you really are.

If you were raised to hate I pray that you see that you can make a change within.

If you believe we must stand against injustice and stand up for change. I pray God gives your voice wings to fly out into the world. I pray God gives your knees the strength needed when you feel weak. I pray God carries your message of love, equality and justice to open hearts.

There’s always hope. When it is too much to endure, give it to God.

7 thoughts on “There’s Always Hope”

  1. The only thing I can add here Laura is to remember what I’ve been rallying against. The media has a vested interest in making people think it’s worse than it is. Riots equal ratings. It’s sick but it’s true. The truly evil are thankfully rare. The rest of the people you see making statements of suspicion and distrust most often simply have fallen for the load of poisonous crap the media and leaders have been pushing on us.

    Sit them down and have them genuinely talk and find out that all any of them want is a fair shot at the American dream and a safe place to raise a family. I’ve seen this done a few times on SMALL scales and it’s amazing how fast the misconceptions and prejudices fade. That doesn’t make for ratings though. Nor does it allow politicians to manipulate us into “Us vs THEM”.

      1. Exactly. It does NOT excuse the legitimately bad people out there, but we have to remember that most people do NOT fall into that group.