Our People

When we put a knee to a man’s neck and he’s pleaded for mercy-we are killing our people.

When we murder anyone in our way while looting-we are killing our people.

When a man stands up to looters to protect his business-we are beating our people.

When an officer is doing his job and doing it right but is brutalized because of what someone else has done-we are wounding our people.

When we start talking and stop putting everyone in a “box”-we come together as a people.

When we stop allowing sensationalism of the press to push us where they want-we are a thinking people.

When our hearts hurt and we come together to actually talk and work together to make a difference-we will be a healing people.

My wish for you-stay safe. Remember your heart. Think before you speak. Remember some things once put into action can never be reversed.

– LA Vent

11 thoughts on “Our People”

  1. Sorry I hit send button without finishing -point is there is bigotry everywhere in this world. From religion to race to political preference. Until everyone can empathize and have meaningful dialogue and really hear each other-we will remain stick in the cycle of hate. We want change-it starts with us first. Many blessings!

  2. Yeah ladies I’m done. People gotta educate themselves. This is exhausting me. I’m trying to educate, spread love and because of my politically views I’m being shunned by some. I’m being lumped into a box. I grew up playing sports. I excelled in many. I had friends and still do of all races. But the media is telling us that Republican voters are racists. I guess even though I vote for as I put it, the lesser of two evils/because My heart is breaking apart to see our world. I think the world of you two ladies. Two beautiful souls. Please stay safe. Keep spreading love.

  3. Hey Laura😊
    What the commentor said above (because there’s always at least one out of the bunch) is bullshit. I’m sorry, total bullshit. When people cant admit what they see in front of them, no matter how many people have seen it, they always seem to find some mundane reason to support their argument. What does passing counterfeit money have to do with the excessiveness used to detain him?! Is counterfeit money that dangerous? Is it worth that much force to just book someone who knowingly (and we do not know if he knew, or if the claim was bogus as hell- wouldn’t be the first time we “fit the description”) had a fake bill?

    When people like your commentor above say things like that it’s because they dont know how to say nothing. It’s best they say absolutely nothing. Because they don’t understand and won’t understand, it doesn’t compute. No matter what a video tape shows or the eyewitness account, that little bit of crime was enough to get the ball rolling.

    Now I’m not saying she wishes death on this man yet she isn’t acknowledging the fact that this cop has a record of his own that went uncontested for a long time. 18 infractions against him but nobody wants to focus on that.

    That’s my two cents.

    1. He does indeed have a history of excessive force. I too was thrown by it. What we see in that video is clear. Regardless of what Floyd may have allegedly done, he had excessive force used on him. Sorry for being short in regards to comments. I’ve watched and read so many disheartening things today that I’m just emotionally spent. My heart hurts so bad for our world.

    2. I kept quiet on this one trying to formulate an intelligent response and even wondering if it was worth the effort. I’m giving up on talking social issues and trying to point out how we’re all getting manipulated though. People would rather cling to their petty hates and believe the worst of others.

      I gave this one a “like” because you’re absolutely right that NOTHING justifies leaving a man on the ground choking out after he’s been subdued. I’ve said as much here in Laura’s blog and my own. It’s not moral, legal OR “by the book”. Given that the riots in Minneapolis were *apparently* started by undercover police to give them an excuse to crack down (something I blogged about yesterday), it appears that the whole damned department there needs to be taken over by the feds, perhaps with further oversight by the NAACP. So yes, you’re absolutely right on THAT account.

      “It’s best they say absolutely nothing” though… A) You’re assuming a motive of malice and willful ignorance. B) You’re shutting down communication AND missing a chance to educate a person on a part of life they’ve very likely just never experienced. If somebody has never lived or worked in “The Hood” like I have, they likely have no idea regarding the different assumptions police make about people (of ALL colors) in bad neighborhoods. When a person has never had anything but great experiences with a cop, it’s hard for them to fathom why a cop would act the way this scumbag did. There MUST be more to it in their mind.

      “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” – Hanlon’s Razor

      “Piss off” is NOT how you get people to understand a situation or cause. Calm dialog is. That old axiom about open hands vs closed fists and all.

      I’d sit here and explain to you what it’s like to be a white person who genuinely cares about ALL people and constantly hear that I have no right to say anything, that I’m a racist, I need to check some imaginary privilege that only REALLY exists for a small percentage of well connected filthy rich people, that it was white supremacists that started riots, NOT Antifa anarchists or in a few cases apparently dirty cops, etc…

      Nobody would hear though, and I’d just get more of the above from somebody.

      At this point, I’m sick of trying to bring people together who’d rather watch the world burn and cling to petty prejudices while a corrupt media and power structure plays them like fiddles.

      1. Hi Silk
        I say they should best not to say anything because depending on what their response is more than likely is a result of malice or willful ignorance. I listen to the response and proceed with my course of engagement. If malice they need to expect it back, if ignorance they better try to learn from the education being given to them.
        But….my issue, my hurt with how this whole thing worked out and is working out is due to the fact that my people have been trying to educate ignorant people and fought the malicious for how many years now? And still people are living in ignorance, how is that possible?

        You know how exhausting it is to have to constantly explain to people like the original commentor the fear associated with being Black, still in 2020? The experiences we have on a daily basis, Only because they didnt experience any of those bad circumstances to show empathy. I say empathy instead of sympathy because sympathy is too easy to wear in a case like George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. To walk in their shoes, their family’s shoes is the only way to learn. Not point out “well, they must of did something wrong” and use that small thing to base their whole argument.

        Because at the end of the day, an unarmed Black man (as well as many others) lost his life and it’s a mourning time for his family. No one wants to hear “I’m sorry for your loss, but…” when there is plenty evidence to rule his killing was homicide.

        We shouldn’t have to keep talking and discussing the apparent with malicious or willfully ignorant people because the shit gets and has been old for awhile now.

  4. It’s possible it wasn’t quite as egregious as it first appeared. Autopsy shows no sign of asphyxia or strangulation (you usually have petechiae in the eyes and he probably wouldn’t have been able to talk so clearly–you can’t make much noise when you are choking) and he had underlying health problems. Even so, it seems excessive and that he should have been put in the squad car much earlier. The family has ordered a second autopsy. All seems so unnecessary, though. HOWEVER, did he pass counterfeit money? Nobody talks about that. Totally lost in the discussion. Had the other kid been trespassing previously as surveillance seems to indicate or was anything omitted from that video? Even though the police sometimes don’t respond appropriately and this still seems possibly the case, it always seems left out of the equation that most of the time these people ARE breaking some law. How about we not do that?? The “victims” usually have SOME responsibility to what has gone on. And these days, it’s left out as if they are completely innocent people. I imagine sometimes they are, though that is rarer. In the case of the kid jogging, that MIGHT be the case, but in most instances of “police brutality” they are not completely innocent.

    More importantly, I don’t think we should be rushing to judgment just because of this political climate. And these inappropriate riots. If we don’t rush to judgment with the man passing counterfeit money, we also should wait for a complete investigation before we condemn the police as well. EVEN if it looks likely there was some wrong doing. There could be more video and/or circumstances and often there is. He also is entitled to due process and I’m afraid he might not be getting it now.

    1. There’s been many pathologist make mistakes or purposely lie on autopsy reports. How can we know if his underlying conditions weren’t exacerbated by lack of oxygen and extreme stress? I can’t blame anyone seeking a second opinion.

      Floyd may have been guilty of passing counterfeit money. He was entitled to due process as well. Which he won’t ever get. Anyone of us could pass counterfeit money unknowingly. Not all police officers are brutalizing suspects or use excessive force unnecessarily. Not all suspects are guilty. Officer Chauvin made a choice and he did not flinch while Floyd pleaded with him. Will Officer receive due process-I don’t know. It’s gonna be very difficult to find anyone who does not know everything about this case. I don’t feel sorry for him. He had options. He made a choice. He wasn’t out of control. It wasn’t in the heat of battle. He wasn’t defending himself. He was composed and did it.

      There’s a definite issue between the races. We do not hear each other. We can’t keep excusing these things. I’m not saying that every single case is on the officers. It most certainly is not. There have been many cases where Officer was defending themselves. But the cases where the officer abuses their power are there too.

      We have to remember something here. We are being fed what media wants to feed us. When well intentioned people come together to make a change and it gets corrupted by the media promoting particular cases that only fuel fire to separate the people and not to bring the people together -that’s a major problem. For example-Black Lives Matter movement. It started out bringing to light injustices. Then some individuals got involved that took everything and made it white against black. The media took it and ran with it. Causing the true meaning of the movement to get lost.

      It’s sad but true.

      1. Very true! It makes me sick to see everything get twisted! People are getting to be way over the top!