And That’s Why Boys and Girls we Must Research Stories for Ourselves

New York City Mayor De Blasio wanted the police officer that pulled his gun in a crowd of protestors to be fired. Referring to a 12 second video that went viral over the weekend. Then the full video was seen. The full video shows the officer pulling his gun after his commander was bashed in the head with a brick, sending him to the ground. It makes a difference doesn’t it? Now I’m not likening this to the murder of George Floyd. Let’s get that straight from the get go. That’s apples to oranges.

Is everyone seeing what our officers are going through? They’re trying to do their job and keep the peace. Now they gotta worry about every move they make. And taking shit from every direction.

It’s not a good time to be an officer of the law. I’m afraid they’ve been categorized and labeled. Doesn’t really matter what color they are either. It’s a free for all right now.

Am I for reform? Yes! But I’m also for law and order. What if that was your dad? How would you feel? Does empathy exist anymore?

My next point about this is the deception. It’s a tactic used by our media regularly. If you watch the same story on competing news networks-you’d know this is truth. Why should we be surprised when citizens steal from that playbook?

People are being murdered, their livelihoods taken and our media is using it to push their own political agendas. As are our citizens. It is abominable! And both are resulting in tearing the country apart not building bridges.

I’m ashamed of our media. I’m ashamed of our political parties. I’m ashamed of many of our citizens.

One day these young people will find themselves at the other end of this situation. They might spend years building their business and someone might come and burn it to the ground. But they’re not thinking about that. They’re not thinking about their future.

Some rioters have pain burning them alive. While others are there to see that pain ignites into something bigger and those are the ones you need to worry about. It’s not pain driving them. It’s the devil. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about me. They just do not care. How do you reach someone like that?

Now we have some parts of the country shutting down gun sales. In an effort to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Ha! Law abiding citizens that now need a gun to protect their families and their homes, can’t get one. Do you think someone that is traveling from out of state just to incite riots gives a damn about that law? No they don’t. It’s madness!

Pray for our world. Then pray some more.

9 thoughts on “And That’s Why Boys and Girls we Must Research Stories for Ourselves”

      1. BTW, I didn’t think it was going to put up the whole video. If it’s too loaded for you, by all means delete the reply. I’m NOT trying to turn your blog into a target range. :/

      2. It’s sad how many people are attacking her on YouTube also. I think they’re ignoring her point that George Floyd never should have died even if he wasn’t a saint.

      3. I agree. She said many times he did not deserve what happened but she gave her reasons why she doesn’t hold him up also. She has legitimate reasons. Imagine how that woman that had a gun held to her belly while pregnant feels about seeing his face everywhere.

  1. You are right. This happens so often! But as much as I am almost certain Chauvin was wrong, there StiLL could be a bit of information we don’t have. Other videos out there? They should be arrested and tried, but I still like to not rush to judgment. He should be arrested, tried, enough evidence for that–but this mob mentality is scaring me. Let’s not lynch the guy until we are sure we have all the facts…