Antifa Coming to a Town Near You

Today on Facebook I saw a post that stated to stay clear of a certain area over the weekend. I don’t know the man so I didn’t share it. That was until someone I do know very well commented.

She works downtown and businesses were busy boarding up today. She was told that the FBI informed our local police department that Antifa was coming.

My hope is that with it being leaked it will make them think twice before coming. What a world we live in.

12 thoughts on “Antifa Coming to a Town Near You”

  1. Antifa just needs to be rounded up and shot. They’re the ones turning righteous peaceful protests into war zones.

    They don’t care about equality, rights, black people or society. The ONLY thing the want is to cause chaos and hurt people.

  2. Oh dear. I’m glad I’m not in California anymore. And live in the woods at least part of the time. You be very careful. Great, and they are talking about disbanding all your police departments. Have they all gone crazy here?? Why are ALL cops being blamed for this as they go out there and risk their lives every day? This is insane.

    1. It’s what happens when people are categorized. They’ve been labeled as bad. They’re not all bad. There are many cops that are being brutalized or murdered that have had nothing to do with injustice. The scary thing is a lot are now scared to do their job. So citizens need to be able to protect themselves. It’s not good time for anyone in the world right now.

    2. That’s why I left California also. And they might as well disband them. Bail reform has made jail a revolving door. One guy was arrested three times in one day. The only two ways to get police response in Sacramento the last year I lived there was if there was gunfire, OR you threatened to sue the department. Even then, they took their time on the latter case.

      ALL cops are being blamed for this because it makes for good news ratings, AND it lets the “Leaders” manipulating black folks keep them angry and focused on anything other than how little they’re doing for them.

      There are bad cops out there. I have zero sympathy for them too. There are good cops out there too though.

      As for Antifa itself, they don’t give a damned about race or anything else. They just want to destroy property and ruin lives.

      1. I can’t imagine. Well wait it seems like that’s what we’re hearing now though. It seemed like I’m a lot of major cities for a bit the officers turned a blind eye. Which they were instructed to. There’s good people and bad people in the world and to take all cops and lump them as bad is ridiculous. You are so right. Antifa doesn’t care about anyone. But they’re being praised all over Google like they’re an upstanding group that fights for injustice. It’s crazy. First time I mentioned them on FB people acted like I was crazy. Go to other search engines and you find a lot more about them.

      2. Some of the bad copa are just as bad as antifa though. Wait till you get to my article about the Minneapolis cop that helped start the riots there.