Take a Break, Be Gentle With Yourself

When you are overwhelmed it’s really hard to find your way out. It feels as though you’re being encompassed by an overwhelming amount of darkness.

One thing I’ve learned is that you cannot wait for it to dissipate. You change your pattern. Walk away from negativity. It is okay to allow yourself to let go of your troubles for a while. We know they’ll be there. It’s a separation. That way you can find your strength once again so you’re better able to handle reality.

We need breaks from the news. From the overwhelming amount of issues surrounding us right now.

Take a break. Be gentle with yourself.

Get out and go for a walk.

Read a book.

Watch a movie.

Do some gardening.

When you’re out in public, strike up conversations. Ask people how they are. It changes your attitude by focusing attention elsewhere. Be kind with everyone. We are all struggling. Sometimes a smile or a kind word can make all the difference for someone as well as for you.

Many blessings!

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