Who are You? The Division by Race, Religion, Politics and Opinions

The division happening is getting worse daily. The majority of people aren’t looking for division but for solidarity. Many have an “us vs you mentality.”

The American police force has a torrid past with the black community. Yes, there are major issues even to this day. Not one American can go back and change anything that happened in the past. We can however learn from it and begin to work together towards reform.

Division is everywhere. For some reason people are scared to speak and you know what? I get it. I was there but my fire in my gut won’t let me stop. The climate is heated to say the least. Here’s the problem with the “us vs them” mentality-it breeds hate and fear. It lumps all people of a particular religion, profession, color, background, political preference into categories. It says, I don’t care why you are what you are, this is who I think you are-period. We shut others off with that type of thinking.

Let me tell you who I am. I am the daughter of a 2nd generation immigrant. My father along with his sibling stayed behind in Italy with family while his mom and step dad came here to become citizens. His father died during WWII from an illness unable to get the medicine he needed. My dad was just a young boy. In Italy my family were farmers.

I’m the daughter of a US born mother. She was German, Jewish and Irish. She had a high IQ and could have done anything with her life. She chose to be a wife to a career military man and a mother.

My siblings and I were born all over. One in California. One in Germany. Myself in New Jersey and youngest in Hawaii.

Once my dad retired from the military we settled in my mom’s hometown. Been here ever since. I was active in sports in my youth. I became a mother at a young age. I’m divorced. I’m for freedom. I’m for prayer. I’m for equality across the board. I’m against government corruption. I’m against hate. I’m for justice. I’m for peaceful protesting.

We are more than who we descend from. We are more than the jobs we hold. We are more than who we choose to vote for. Everything we have ever experienced has made us who we are. We are much more than titles. We are all layers of experiences that mold us.

If we silence ourselves we shut the world off from different point of views. Some issues may seem to be small potatoes compared to others. But they’re essential issues in the way that we see others.

If we want to change things, we have to be open to hear others. Stop labeling people. Stop putting everyone in a box. We have to stand TOGETHER against injustice and embrace our differences.

Many blessings to all. Prayers for your heavy heart, weary minds and exhausted souls.

8 thoughts on “Who are You? The Division by Race, Religion, Politics and Opinions”

  1. I hope when this is all said and done that people actually do see through all the divide and conquer stuff out there.

    I was tempted to post “I Am, I’m Me” by Twisted Sister as a semi-humorous response to the “Who Are You?”. It’s kind of an angry song though (from TS? Imagine that!), and honestly I’m sick of all the hate and anger. Spiritually, like energies attract, and we need to start setting aside all the darkness, even the self-entitled crap, and start making room for the light.

    1. Yes that would be nice but what I’m seeing a lot of people are not ready. Some are though. I’ve decided to not watch anything else on riots. I’m not feeding a media that thrives on creating chaos. That’s what we do. Stop watching and media is forced to move on.

  2. So nice. You made yourself not part of any ideology/group/institution–you are a nuanced individual, a real person, and that makes it hard to dismiss you out of hand. I have been complaining about the same thing–this identity politics and group identity — and talking about my diverse views, but you made yourself even more approachable yet by talking about things so relatable to everyone and doing it with more compassion and love. Plus this platform is so much better than Facebook. I had to de-activate that. It is so divisive. I did it once before, though I was thinking I might need it to promote my work. I feel better already. And I have a couple other sites I can post my work on–Mastadon and tumblr, I have an Instagram account I’ve never used. No idea how to do any of those, but will have to use them instead.

    1. Thank you. I’ve got to stay away from some people on FB. I have many on mute as they spew hatred in all directions and their actions are hypocritical. You can’t stand against hatred then spew it where it fits an agenda. I have those on mute. Some I’ve deleted because their hatred went further in regards to politics. But it is divisive. Truly sad that people can’t see what they’re doing. That they feel justified in spewing hate.

      I am an idealists. I didn’t realize it though until I began writing my emotions on here. Funny how that works.

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