Part 2, George Soros-Insider Trading, Trade Compliance Fines in Hong Kong, France and Hungary as well as his Prediction for the U.S. Economy

I had started a series on Soros about a month ago. Some I had completed already. Others involved more research. I was hesitant in posting or going any further but I can’t stop now. I’ve provided all data I used for my posts. Let’s get to it.

Soros has been credited with breaking the British pound. Though it seems more accurate that he took advantage of its weakness. That’s who he is. His responsibility varies according to sources. I am sure you have heard of Black Wednesday. On September 16, 1992, speculators forced the British government to pull the pound from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM). The pound was struggling as the unification of Europe hit speed bumps. Soros profited $1 billion from this. Remember, he cannot be concerned with the social consequences of what he does. His words.


In 2010 A Budapest Court ruled that the Soros Fund Management LLC would have to pay a $2.5 million fine for insider trading. The fine was as a result of multiple deals just prior to market closing on October 9th, 2008. Which resulted in a plunge of the shares of the country’s largest bank. Next!!!


Soros was found guilty by a France court for insider trading. After a fourteen year investigation. Goodness! He was fined $2.3 million. Soros was accused of buying stock in formerly state owned companies based on insider information. One being the country’s leading bank.

Hong Kong

Soros just a year prior was blamed for destroying the Thai and Malaysian’s economies. He then moved onto Hong Kong. Soros was accused of naked shorting which means selling shares that have not been verified yet to exist. Yes it is illegal. He was fined $1.5 million.

I must say, these fines are laughable. The man is worth billions. It’s like smacking him on the knuckles. He has a pattern. It’s for all to see. He has said himself, “I am there to make money. I do not and cannot look at the social consequences of what I do.” I guess when you’re rich you can get by with just about anything!

I’m going to share as my last link an interview with Soros in regards to what is happening currently in the US. Please read and you tell me what you think. I leave you with a quote from that interview.

January 23, 2020

16 thoughts on “Part 2, George Soros-Insider Trading, Trade Compliance Fines in Hong Kong, France and Hungary as well as his Prediction for the U.S. Economy”

  1. I like this very good info.. I read he was barred from Hungary- where he was born. He’s getting really old- I wonder if he has goals to try to live forever in some AI body and that’s why he kept the 8 million. Donationed the 82 million of his empire.

    1. Thank you! He transferred a vast amount of his money to his foundation which works to keep Democrats in power. I believe he is banned from Hungary and several other countries. I’m checking into that.

  2. I’m convinced he’s behind everything that’s happened in the world this past year. He’s like a one-man international crime syndicate, and unfortunately the only way things will change would be if someone beat him at his own game. To do would take someone who’s just as corrupt and perverted as he is, and I’m not sure that’s possible.

    1. I am convinced he’s behind it all also. I read an article that said he spent millions to get Bush out of office on an election year. Wait for next installation. It’s just some of his quotes. The bad thing about porting right now is he finds Black Lives Matter Organization. But like I SSID before, he doesn’t do anything for anyone unless it benefits him to. Republicans are already seen as bigots cause hey a Republican! I tell ya I don’t get all that bs left says about right and vice versa.

      1. I know. The likes of him only does things when it’s to their advantage. I think he pictures himself as the Emperor of the World…

      2. Oh he does. He has founded so many organizations that from the outside appear to be for betterment. He hides his agenda well. To an extent. Digging deeper you can see many show his intent. Plus it connects him to many people. Who wants to turn away from someone supporting them? I’m delving into media sites he funds. Finding info is proving difficult, not impossible though. I really want to make that a part of series. As it speaks volumes in regards to his influence.

      3. No one should have that sort of influence in this world, and yet, by the time any of us heard of him, he already had it. He must have started with the press and moved from there. Kind of depressing, really.

      4. It is! My friends and I discuss it a lot. He’s listed as a conspiracy theory for the right. Everything I have added thus far is factual. His words used to show him for who he is. That’s not conspiracy.