Part 4-Globalist George Soros Summation

I will be glad to get this final post done. I’d love to never hear the name Soros again! So far in this series, I have provided proof of his desire for a New World Order. I’ve provided proof he has a God like complex. I’ve provided proof he thinks he’s above the law. I’ve provided proof he’s amoral and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

I want to talk about just how far his reach goes. Attached is an article which gives details into Soros’s funding of news and radio organizations. One being the National Public Radio (NPR). In 2011 NPR accepted $1.8 million from the Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation is one of many of Soros’ foundations. This donation was controversial and almost caused NPR to lose federal funding.

The idea was that this grant money would be used to start a local national initiative, called the Impact of Government Project. The plan is to get two public radio reporters per state to keep tabs on local government. To report stories we rarely hear about.

It’s end goal was to become a multi-media project between radio, the Web and social media. It started the following week and must have been successful as there are several chapters currently.

Also of note, Soros has been linked to the New York Times, Washington Post, the Associated Press, NBC and ABC. The ethical code is right out the door. But we already knew this didn’t we? Current journalist from ABC, Christine Amanapour and former Washington Post Editor/current VP, Len Downie both serve on boards of operations that accept cash from Soros.

Pro Publica is another one that has accepted money from Soros. Pro Publica received $125k in 2010 and 2011. Who’s to say they aren’t still receive funding. Finding this information is a real pain in the ass!

Pro Publica stories are “thoroughly” researched by a top notch staff that use the stories at a multitude of some of the biggest news networks. But the topics are laughable and dominantly left-wing politics. Also of importance, Pro Publica includes a 14 person Journalism Advisory Board which is left-wing top news syndicate journalists. His reach knows no bounds. Money can buy you a lot of people to act as puppets.

Now I want to talk a bit about a current item of interest. The Black Lives Matter Foundation. Soros is a contributor. Do not mistake what I’m trying to say here. Soros doesn’t fund anything unless it benefits him to do so. This isn’t about the movement. Many who participate in BLM movement do so with the sole intent of making things better for the black community. To Soros it is a means to an end. He’s setting them up and watching them fall. Especially if you believe he’s funding Antifa. Which I and many do.

Speaking of Antifa-finding legitimate information is difficult. Sure there are videos out there of individuals that claim to be former Antifa associates. They claim Soros was their funder. There’s even a video of so called Antifa protesting for Soros to pay them the money they are owed. There’s endless articles, videos on this topic. But nothing concrete. However! I did find an interesting video which explains why Soros is banned in several countries. This video also states that Soros has been accused in funding wide spread “protest” movements. Sound familiar? Let’s talk about these countries a bit.

According to multiple outlets, Soros is banned from six countries.

They are:







Israel has not banned him but has made it clear he is not welcome. One country brought back the death penalty especially for him. What does that tell you? It is of importance to note that since 2017 there has been a petition to ban him in the United States.

This video details the reasons Soros is banned from each country pretty well. Enjoy!

In closing let me say, that I believe Soros is responsible for much of what is happening in our country. I’m not alone. No he didn’t kill George Floyd. But as you can see from previous posts, he’s most definitely the type to capitalize on such a situation. He needs his people in power to see his New World Order come to pass. He won’t stop and does not care if he tears our world apart to get what he wants. I was unsure about this until this year. I thought it was possible but until this year I was on the fence. I’m not on that fence anymore. George Soros is a danger to us remaining a free country.

12 thoughts on “Part 4-Globalist George Soros Summation”

      1. “There’s even a video of so called Antifa protesting for Soros to pay them the money they are owed”

        Makes perfect sense. These people basically made a deal with the devil. Of course he lied to them and used them.

        And he still doesn’t care.

      2. I had to get that in there. But I didn’t want to post it as who’s to say it’s legitimate. But more and more of these types of Antifa videos are popping up which doesn’t to Soros bring their financier. I believe it. I really do.

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