Part I, a Brief Introduction of Globalists George Soros, 60 Minutes interview

You escaped the Holocaust by pretending to be a Christian?

Soros- That’s right.

60 Minutes -That is something that would send people to the psychiatric couch for many many years. Was it difficult?

Soros-No, not all.

60 Minutes-No feeling of guilt?


5 thoughts on “Part I, a Brief Introduction of Globalists George Soros, 60 Minutes interview”

  1. I read on Wikipedia last week that He is a firm believer in assisted suicide and assisted his own Mother. Plus he gave 82 billion away to fund the breakdown of several government leaders, and created Snopes. I don’t know if all this is true though- anyone can add to Wikipedia. I’d like to read up on him when libraries open.

    1. Interesting!! I just read something that provided a list of the many things he is accused of. His mom was one. I haven’t researched it yet. I’m trying to use many different sources in gathering my info. Because I believe he is the devil. I believe he finds Antifa and I believe anything he backs or finds he does so for selfish reasons. I really want everyone to see data regardless of political party and understand just who he is and what he is capable of. He sets them up and watches them fall.

  2. Soros doesn’t have any conscience, why would he feel guilty about that? His currency manipulation games should be outright criminal and have done far more to damage civilization than even his backing of extremist groups.

    Worse, anti-semites hold him up as a textbook example of what they think a Jew is and use him to rationalize their bigotry and racism. Soros isn’t a bad person because he’s Jewish, he’s a bad person because he has no morals or conscience.

    1. Amen amen amen!! So much more to come. I need everyone to hear him in his own words-I don’t think of the social consequences. He hides behind his money and philanthropy. These donations are not for the people. They’re a part of a plan. He’s the devil.