A Country Divided-More Ways than One, C’mon America!

Until you have broke bread with someone you do not know that man or woman. Until you have seen the tears of a man or woman over injustice-you do not know that man or woman. Until you understand others have ideologies and listen to what someone has to say-you do not know that man or woman. If you do not get to know a person and talk to them about their political view points and why they have them then you do not know that man or woman.

I am shooting from the hip on this one. We have so much going on in this world. We do not need people turning on each other due to politics.

I sure do see a lot of hate. Name calling, questioning of character, intelligence and on and on. You want to be straight Democrat-go on! You want to be a straight Republican-go on!

Right now we are still a free country. Though you might want to let the media including the social media and search engines know that! It does not take a rocket scientist to see what is happening across the board here. Media is biased. Social media is biased. Period. They have agendas. When you set your sights and aim at one particular political party-you’ve lost my respect. Report half truths, mark truth as false and delete articles so that only opinions that support your narratives are accessible is fascist.

Friends, loved ones and myself have been accused of being prejudice. Why because we voted for Trump? We have two options given to us to select from. Two! Before you start creating a list about a candidate and calling out that candidate’s supporters, please check your candidate’s track record.

Trump is no choir boy. He has said plenty of stupid things. No denying that. Have you really checked Hillary’s track record? What about Biden? I have! Whew! They are both far from pristine.

I gotta wonder why all Republicans are being lumped together and called racist. Here we go again. Putting people in a box and labeling them. Is it because the vast majority of Republicans are white? Is it because we’re gun owners? What is it?

People don’t just vote for a candidate. They vote for policies. That’s straight up truth. Everyone has issues that are priorities for them. For example right to bear arms. Anyone that says they’re taking guns away-will never get my vote. Especially now that they are talking about defunding the police.

The world has gone mad and we stand in judgement of others because they think differently. Not based on any ill words or actions. It’s just sad. That’s the issue across the board with everything. We take on our leader’s causes, we are played by the media and everybody thinks they’re right. No one can have a civilized conversation. It’s just sad that we don’t take the time to really get to know the individual. I guess it’s just easier to put people in a box and label them.

10 thoughts on “A Country Divided-More Ways than One, C’mon America!”

  1. Good post overall, but it would probably sell better if you acknowledged that some conservative outlets and commentators are poisoning the well also. I lean conservative myself, but the issue is still there. We all have to start treating each other better.

    It won’t happen though till people wake up and see the would be elites that are playing them like fiddles.

      1. I know how you feel, but you’ve got to remember that the other side of every issue is getting played even harder than us. All their fears, frustrations and insecurities are being manipulated by a huge media system and conniving politicians. Alot of folks feel they have no hope right now, and that’s what’s got them angry and closed minded.

    1. Yes there are and growing!! I’m so glad to see it. I’ve voted my conscience my entire life. Never considered myself either really. But I’m leaning Republican for the simple fact that social media and Google are dictating what is acceptable and leaning left. That angers me. If you are doing this now what will it be like if they control entire house or senate? It’s sick.