My heart breaks for our world. All American’s should be outraged at all that is playing out before our very eyes!

I’m all for protesting and to see that what happened to George Floyd never happens to another black American. I’m outraged by his death. But I’m equally outraged by the loss of life through rioting. I’m equally outraged that people are being used to further a political agenda by the Democrats.

Doesn’t anyone else find it convenient the WHO is now saying Covid19 is rarely transmittable from Asymptomatic individuals? It serves two purposes.

1. It seems to me it’s covering their ass with the mass rioting happening right now. How can you explain people are not spreading Covid19 at astronomical rates right now?

2. Seeing that they are crediting contact tracing with this finding it furthers their agenda. To make tracing mandatory.

We are being played and we are being controlled. It’s despicable! Soros and the Clintons are feeding this mass rioting. Agenda-to unseat Trump this coming election insuring a Democrat takes the presidency. The Clintons have not hidden their desire for a New World Order. Deep State, very deep! Biden has spoke about it as well.

I’m not the biggest fan of Trump. But I cannot support anyone who supports a New World Order. Look at what is happening. Can you imagine if they take power.

People can no longer express opinion on any black issue without fallout. Even if it is a black American expressing it.

Have you seen the video by Candace Owens? In said video she expressing that she agreed Floyd was murdered but due to his criminal record she could not hold him up as a martyr. She had a Go-Fund Me page to raise money for a business that was destroyed by rioting. It was cancelled due to comments made by her. She is entitled to her opinion no matter how unpopular it may be. She’s receiving death threats and her life is turned upside down for speaking her truth.

She’s not alone. I’ve seen where other individuals bringing up Floyd’s past have lost their jobs. It’s being called hate speech. We are being played and being trained. I don’t care where you stand politically. This should outrage every American. Our rights are being stripped away and a cause has been hijacked for the purpose of creating a New World Order. Do we really think that it’s a coincidence that the worst rioting has been in Democratic regions? Or that it’s Democrats calling to defund the police.

In closing let me say, I love my country. I love our freedom. We have to work to make sure that every man and woman are treated equally. We are one race. The human race. I don’t want to see our freedom taken by power hungry vultures.

Joe Biden: “How I Learned To Love The New World Order”

22 thoughts on “Skulduggery”

  1. Opps. Speak his opinion of how black pastors one minute said say home. Then suddenly protest. He couldn’t understand how it was ok to protest basically rubbing shoulders but not able to go to church. It’s just scary times. Thanks so much for sharing

      1. I’m finding a lot of videos of people speaking about Soros and what’s really going on. Same theory as mine. People of all races actually. All encouraging people to think and stop following the news.

      2. The first person that I ever heard mention Soros was Frances Swaggert on Frances and friends SBN. I think it was maybe 2 years ago or so. It was when political people were pushing Core curriculum. Then Roseanne, and Trump- Pat Robertson 700 club- their news shows are very current.

      3. That’s what Frances said. Maybe you could find some of her vids on YouTube, I think Frances and friends has/ or had a Facebook page. She’s really into politics. Her show comes on my TV but I don’t watch television often.

      4. I’ll have to check her out!! Thank you! I like to learn as much as I can. Though I’m holding off on anything related to Soros for a bit. It was really depressing working that long and reading about him. Too much.

  2. I am very strong and very tough, yet I was in tears yesterday to see how our country is being destroyed, and it is being destroyed from within. It just sickens me to see how many people HATE America and all that we stand for. But what I am really sickened by is how quickly we are losing our freedoms and are becoming the United Socialist States of America or the USSA. I don’t EVER want to live in this new world order, and especially NOT here in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

    1. It is indeed sad. Unreal Candace Owen as a black woman should be silenced for not walking lockstep here. That her opinion wouldn’t matter. You are not allowed to condemn the policeman without making Floyd a saint and condemning violence of all kinds. You can’t write anything they don’t like in major newspapers or it’s hate speech. This has gotten so out of control. Frightening. I have never had so much fear for the future of America–should they get back in power.

      1. Yeah and the sad part is people really believe that Hillary is an upstanding individual. Her mentor, Robert Byrd founded a chapter of the KKK. Did he express regret later? Yes he did. The point-they’ve all got things in their history. Biden many years back stood spouting hate towards some minority group. As for Trump he was a great guy welcome into their circle until he ran against Hillary.

    2. I’m right there with ya! I am familiar with hate speech. I was called horrible things in school because I had black friends. To say what this woman did falls into that category is mind blowing. She voiced her opinion. People do not have to agree or like it. That’s their right. Just as it is hers to speak up. Where is this line being drawn? What is next? How can we talk about issues if we are scared to speak? If someone disagrees on justifiable actions in regarding to past incidents between cops and black men-will that be hate speech? Not saying Floyd falls into that category. Just referencing some instances where the officer was defending their self with multiple witnesses verifying. The world is in a bad place.

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