“Anti-Facists” Protestor uses nothing but quotes from Hitler

I literally feel sick at my stomach. This video is from 2017. A group of people are protesting against Trump. I get it, a lot of people do not like Trump. That’s your right. But if you are fighting against fascism and use Hitler as your inspiration, I’d say you either do not know what fascism is or you’re trying to lead people astray.

Using Hitler to inspire people against fascism. Not just one quote. Almost entire speech is made up of Hitler quotes. I don’t think I could be any more disgusted than I am right now.

20 thoughts on ““Anti-Facists” Protestor uses nothing but quotes from Hitler”

  1. Again no video showing for me, just the azquotes meme. I tried it in both Firefox and MS Edge also, just in case the tight privacy settings in Firefox were blocking the video.

    This whole Antifa thing is a textbook example of people twisting word definitions and not understanding history. The government has been progressively dumbing down education in the hopes of making people more easily controlled, but this is what they get instead.

  2. Sadly, MOST of the ANTIFA and Trump haters DO NOT know their history, and do not even realize their “heroes” are indeed Hitler and Mussolini. Their very actions are very FASCIST, NOT the actions of the opposition. maybe if they read up on their history, they just might learn a few things.

    1. Antifa has fooled a lot of people. But I think people are starting to see. I can’t deal with Democratic Party anymore. They’ve become communist party right before our eyes. They’re not the party they once were. At least a lot of the major players.

      1. I so totally agree. I used to be a Democrat, many moons ago, but when I left the party, I left it for good (in more ways than one). The Democratic party is NOT the same party it used to be. They have gone completely Socialist, Communist and Totalitarian. I will NEVER vote blue ever again.

      2. I used to vote the same way, but I just can;t any more. The Dems are out to change everything about who we are and what we stand for. There is not one thing I can align myself to them with any more.

      3. I understand. I’ve gone red. I want us to remain free. Everyone to remain free. It makes me so angry to see the majority of Dems using pain to benefit themselves. I’m seeing more and more people speak up about it. People of all races are seeing it. It’s a hard pill to swallow. We want to judge others by what’s in our hearts. But we cannot do that. Not everyone is sincere in their actions. Ya time for term limits too. If Pelosi really wanted statues gone-she’s had years to do so. If Biden really cared about the black community he would not have said a lot of the things he has said or done. He’s had years also to make a change and he hasn’t. I’m appalled by things I have found that he has said. His actions and words are rhetoric and nothing more. I feel we don’t have two choices between candidates right now. We have freedom or we have tyranny.

  3. They aren’t anti-fascism. They are anti-free speech. they are anti-democracy. They believe in using violence to achieve political goals. If that isn’t fascism, I don’t know what the hell is.
    People cling to their name “anti-fascism” as if it somehow means something. Names don’t mean a darn thing.
    I could call myself “the pro-good homes for sick puppies” movement, but if I spent all my time lobbying to take away homeless shelters and libraries, it would be fine for people to call that out. It wouldn’t make them ant-good homes for sick puppies, because the activity of an organization matters far more than their name.