Sometimes We Just Need to be Reminded of the Good

Our hearts are weary. Our souls are tired. Take a breather. Turn off the news and take a minute to remember that there a beautiful souls in this world. Good night. ❤️

5 thoughts on “Sometimes We Just Need to be Reminded of the Good”

  1. That was really sweet. I think more frequently than not people forget their differences and act like neighbors and friends. The story of the Good Samaritan might be the best one in the Bible.

    1. Very true. Politics and media are tearing the country apart. People have forgotten the good. We’re being fed non stop horrors of the world. There’s good too but it doesn’t bring in viewers. Sad!

      1. One day, the media outlets are going to look up and realize no one is watching, reading, or listening, because everyone is sick of them. Same with the entertainment business, including major league sports. People are just going to decide “screw this noise” and walk away. And I have a feeling that day is not too far in the future…