Berlin Authorities Placed Homeless Children with Pedophiles for over Thirty Years; the Kentler Project

I thought I read the title wrong. I had to read it again. As I read the article, I felt sick. I’m at a complete loss. These poor kids.

The experiment was called, the “Kentler Project”. The experiment began in 1970. Homeless children were placed in homes with pedophiles. The experiment went on over 30 years.

Kentler believed that sexual contact between children and adults was harmless. Obviously! After Kentler’s death, children started coming forward telling their story. Interviewers, welfare and the the Senate found that the group involved all accepted, supported and defended pedophilia.

The first report on this was in 2016. Berlin authorities have promised to shed light on this experiment.

What a world we live in.

17 thoughts on “Berlin Authorities Placed Homeless Children with Pedophiles for over Thirty Years; the Kentler Project”

  1. Wow somethings never leave you I can relate first hand in fact they say that time heals things but to me that is nothing more than mirage of deception.

    No matter what some wounds never close always remain open just the salt soaks deeper into your agonizing ensuffering.

    How old is your daughter?

    Working in law something you must take a lot give n take???

    Especially some the cases you see first hand it’s not easy to seek justice for those that had their innocence ripped away.



    1. My daughter is now 33. That little girl is forever etched in my mind. She never had a chance. Some things definitely leave a mark. That is one. I found that job was not for me. You gotta be able to shut things off when you leave and I struggled with that. I also had to transcribe victim’s statements about abuse. To hear and see this day in and day out was just too much. I wasn’t sleeping. Then getting physically sick all the time. My hat goes off to those who have to see such horrors daily and can maintain a normal life. It takes a special kind of individual.

      1. It can take a serious toll on you mentality and physically perhaps you could have went through symptoms of PTSD Laura.

        It’s possible given the horrendous circumstances and dark actions of cruelty you were subjected to visualized in the name of justice.

        I am glad you are in a better place now and found solid ground once again.

        I know first hand how horrific and gut wrenching sadistic nature of acts of human cruelty on barbaric masses on the scale.

        The worst thing someone can do it try to bottle it up and or swallow it without finding a way to release or levitate the heaviness of burdens place on you. If you don’t have a means to find that outlet it can consume you and ripped away the characteristics that mold to make you …RAW YOU.

        I struggle myself with ongoing things and as I said before ” Some wounds never close always remain open only the salt soaks deeper into your scorched tissue, reminder of that the Hell you walked through was horrendously REAL ” E.O.S



      2. I think I did have PTSD. I had some things happen to me and seeing these things did not help. Not at all. Yes you have to have an outlet to release these painful experiences. I had counseling and finally found one woman that somehow she got through like no one else before her could. She gave me tools to move forward. It was a great gift. One of the best gifts ever.

      3. Excellent Laura

        I can relate in more ways than one what it’s like riding the Constant Fucking Roller Coaster it can be very agonizing and ensuffering relentless.

      4. All I will say to you Laura is…

        Control is a illusion we have no sense of control over what goes on inside our bodies or drivers out on the road.

        The thing I will tell you learn to cope and adapt roll with the punches if you will sometimes they rocked you so hard they buckle you to your knees having no fucking Idea where you are or your surroundings until you can recalibrate and gather your senses.

        “There is something I live by be grateful for yesterday because tomorrow is another dip thrash into the fire” E.O.S



  2. The update was the prosecutor saw that those incompetent useless, empty void of righteousness individuals knew what was going on failed to do so knowing full well that Gabriel was being met with unconsciously affliction of barbaric brutality. Decided they needed to be held to accountability and admit their failure as DCFS workers and human beings.

    The link is the Gabriel Fernandez story

  3. No surprise Nemesis comes in many different shades of deception.

    Just look how much the system has failed miserably look no further than 8 yr old Gabriel Fernandez who was brutally tormented and thrash into literally Fucking Hell on Eath.

    Because his Mother and her bloke thought he was homosexual and not just 4 incompetent useless social workers failed to act knowing what was going on. Their fucking parasitic Supervisor stood by did Fuck All.

    You ask me majority of the time these institutions that can change lives for the better fail miserably to step up and do their fucking jobs.

    There too many kids that end up like little Gabriel who was ripped of his innocence and tortured to his last agonizing breath.

    Yet what is worst not one of them was met with Lady Justice not a Fucking single one how is do those bastards sleep at night with clean and pure conscience?

    It gut wrenching and infuriating Laura but crudely not surprising nor is it unexpected.

    There is saying by Edmund Burke ” Those that have the will to act can snuff out Nemesis it’s up to good men that know about to stand up for injustice for those that cannot”



    1. I believe there’s a documentary about Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix. I saw the preview-I can’t bring myself to watch it. I worked at the local prosecutor’s office and saw so much. One case of the death of a child and it has never left me. I had to photocopy the pictures of her. So I had no choice but to look at them. I had my own place at the time but got my daughter and spent the weekend at my parents. I was just so upset and needed to be close to my parents. The little girl had been gone many years by the time appeal showed up on my desk. She never had a chance. The things done to her I cannot even speak. I’m crying now writing about it. I’m 50 years old. This was about 28 years ago. She’s never left my mind.

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