Feel Good Story-Officer Playing Dolls with Neighborhood Kids

The little things means so much!



4 thoughts on “Feel Good Story-Officer Playing Dolls with Neighborhood Kids”

  1. That’s what people need to see more of, but it’s not news worthy to the media. For every bad cop out there, there’s alot more like this guy.

    1. Agreed! I’m tired of all cops being categorized as evil. It’s crazy how out of control this has gotten. I heard District 6 had one officer show up for work Wednesday night. Why risk their lives for politics? They didn’t sign up for that bullshit. Also heard Democratic mayor who took a knee during an anti-police protest, had her house vandalized and looted by Antifa. She called them terrorists. Hmm…really? It really pisses me off that people think you are either with us or with them. You can support equality and good officers too. It’s gotten way out of hand.

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