Reform-Defund-Disband-Careful What You Push For

It seems to me that this needs to be clarified for some.

Reform is when training and response methods are looked at and changes made.

Defund is taking money away which will cut many jobs. You do not get to choose which jobs or task force. Higher ups make that decision.

Disband means shutting down a police force entirely.

If you’re going to protest, you should know what you mean. I’m going to voice my opinion on this. Do I feel there is room for improvement? Do I feel there are standard protocols that can be looked at and work done on improving some methods? Do I think more specialty training for real life situations is needed? Yes yes yes! I want our officers to be safe but I want our public to be as well. Not everyone is going to get just what they want.

Look if you are not an officer or ever have been one, there’s going to be many things that you will not see or understand. There are some structures set up for their protection. We gotta consider everyone here.

Now onto defunding. You say you want things to change. You want more training for officers. How? If defunded, they lose money which leaves less for positions let alone training. If anything they need more money so that they can train and work on restructuring of some standard protocols.

Also do you even realize what defunding will mean? More crime. Less officers on the street to fight crime. Less lab workers to solve crimes. Crime rates growing and less officers to keep it contained. It’s common sense.

How about disbanding….how can I put this? First go back and read defunding. Now imagine no one there to help. You’re on your own. How do I put this? Are you f&@#ing crazy?

To the officials caving on defunding or disbanding. You’re not doing so because it’s right thing to do. You’re doing so for votes. You’ll get re-elected and change your tune real quick. Shame ON YOU! You’re main interest is not for the people. It’s to use the situation for your benefit.

4 thoughts on “Reform-Defund-Disband-Careful What You Push For”

  1. Thanks for this post! 🙂 I’m completely on-board with reform. I think most people are.
    Reallocating funds I could get on-board with too, depending on the details of it. That’s something we’d need more information about before getting on-board with.

    Disbanding or abolishing the police…nah…the left has gone crazy with that one

  2. Well, according to the Times they really want it disbanded in most places. Nuts. Reform is needed. That Atlanta thing will probably turn out that the officers acted within the law and PROBABLY, though he turned to fire that taser at the cop, that should not be a proper response. I would think in that situation, you either let him go (WITH a taser?, a semi-deadly weapon, I don’t know), tackle him with the other officers (maybe not since he was using the taser), or shoot him in a leg, not use deadly force. Though at least that situation was a lot different than Floyd. (If he’d tase-ed the cop, then he could have gotten his gun?) I don’t know. I was not happy with that one, either, and yet it sounds like he might have acted within the law. Again, how about we not be high or drunk, resist arrest, or attack officers. This guy is again no saint and contributed to his death. Not some innocent black guy walking through a park. And even though I’m way more horrified at the Floyd thing–that should never have happened–Floyd should not have been in that situation, either, and more help is needed to keep all people, black and white, off drugs and out of law-breaking situations to start with. Just letting criminals run roughshod over us is a ridiculous proposal.

    1. A chief of police stated that what he did is protocol. Which means if that’s how they’re trained, that needs to be looked at. If they felt he was a threat, wound the leg maybe but don’t shoot to kill. I agree. If officer was alone, I’d understand as if he got tazed-he’d be helpless and unable to defend himself. But there were two officers and that changes things. They just scuffled and he did fight them but he was running away. But officers also have to consider if he could be a threat to the public. He ran off with a tazer and with climate being what it is-you gotta consider that. Floyd’s murder is clear, this is harder to know just what should have been done. Especially if this is protocol. He did as he was trained.