Perception, Conspiracy Theorists or Teller of Common Sense

He has been labeled a conspiracy theorist. If more than one person questions a narrative they are labeled a conspiracy theorists. Yes, I’m aware there are some theories out there that are way out there.

This man, David Icke speaks about why people view things as they do. From childhood at home to universities and their professors. He actually speaks common sense. From journalism to problem/action solutions.

His interviewer asks, why are people willing to believe a blatant lie. people don’t want to accept those in charge would ever do anything to hurt them. It’s a self defense mechanism. We seek the information that fits our perception download.

Why are globalists in high gear now? Because there comes a point where the hidden has become the seen. Globalists are aware that people are catching on and still trying to adjust to what is happening. I’d say he is right.

Watch now before it is deleted.

16 thoughts on “Perception, Conspiracy Theorists or Teller of Common Sense”

  1. Not surprising one bit there is so many variables going on that many choose to ignore and change the narrative.

    “Because God forbid true shape of Nemesis reveal its ugly cowardice fucking face”

    First place you can see this form of integration of monumental deception is the origins from which what you ppl call Covid 19 when in fact it’s the Chinese Wuhan Virus or CCP Virus.

    But make no mistake this was well executed strategic preempted assault orchestrated by Chinese Communist in coordinating efforts of others including Justin Tardo .

    Now you look how every city that is run by Dem Tard administration has seen the most mass of destruction and chaos.

    That is by design to try to burn the systematics of the foundation of reasoning, logic to the fucking ground.

    Socialism must not be ever allowed to breathe and cultivate it’s a decaying disease that eradicates democracy in which deep state can sustain and flourish.

    So you have egregious muppets like Nancy Ripping the Bible Polesi and Joe incompetent Biden .

    Make no mistake both Anitfa and black lives matter are Domestic terrorists that Polesi is using to fuel her agenda .

    And make no mistake Joe incompetent Biden has no form of power or authority and will be the Trojan Horse.

    Think about it logically


    1. Trojan horse is exactly right! Like I said many times-why did the Dems pick him? Because they need a puppet. Oh I know virus was intentional. Economy was booming and can’t have that on election year. A lot of devils at work here!

      1. Absolutely this is another reason proves beyond shadow of a doubt. That socialism must never be allowed to breathe and flourish and why True leader like President Donald Trump will not bow down or be enslaved to tyrants.

        black lives matter and Anitfa have shown many many reasons why there are Domestic Terrorists and should be dealt with as so not shown once of mercy or leniency.

      2. I agree. But many take that as being against blacks. It’s not. It’s the organization. So many are waking up to the truth though! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  2. I think they know that they can only go so far and do so much before it becomes blatantly obvious of what’s going on. Right now, they’re only as good as their useful idiots. But that’s only a matter of time.

    Ramp up production to the point if enough people wake up, it’ll be too late.

      1. Amen! I agree with a lot of what Mr. Icke says, as I have watched several of his videos……….I just wish he would leave off the whole alien/reptile thing………..but, hey, the way this year has gone, would we really be surprised if we had an alien visit?! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. Right?! Yeah that alien thing is odd but he is spot on with everything he is saying about the world right now. Well….way things are going, no it would not be a surprise if aliens showed up. But they’d take one look and leave!

  3. The trouble with *some* conspiracy theorists, Icke among them, is that they see something wrong, and they reach for explanations for it that stretch the bounds of anybody’s credibility.

    Are the globalists trying to consolidate power? Yes. It’s a documented fact that more and more wealth is flowing into fewer hands. Likewise people saw the whole Bush / Clinton rotating power thing going on. I think that’s what got both Obama and Trump elected.

    Icke, however, wasn’t content pointing out all of this. He had to tie it to reptilian aliens that shapeshift and have been replacing or possessing people. Greed and lust for power among the super elites, combined with laziness and apathy among the masses wasn’t enough to explain all of this.

    Even among your readers, I bet more of them can name who was on the Masked Singer before they could name their Congressman. I guarandamnedtee you almost nobody tracks their representatives’ voting records, or could name their state or local council members.

    None of this requires reptilians or the Annunaki. All that’s necessary for evil to spread is for good people to do nothing.

    1. Yes in this video he stays away from that. Which that theory is just weird. What he says about “conditioning” as I call it and what we are seeing today is pretty spot on.
      You’re right a lot do not know information about their own local representatives.