An Oregon County Exempts Non Whites From Wearing Face Masks, Mandates Whites Must Wear Face Masks

I’m just at a loss once again. The reasons given to exempt non-whites is to prevent racial profiling.

I have nothing else to say, read for yourselves.

50 thoughts on “An Oregon County Exempts Non Whites From Wearing Face Masks, Mandates Whites Must Wear Face Masks”

  1. I am right there with you. I was just saying that last night. How can people live with themselves when they not only allow this happen, but condone it. There is NO WAY I could ever support anyone who believes and acts this way. We are the verge of a very bloody, very ugly civil war, and it is coming very soon.

    1. Yes I’m afraid you’re right. That’s what these factions want. They’ve been given the power and pretty much told they can do what they wish. My dad laughed when I told him I stocked up on ammo. I said dad, we don’t know where this is heading. But we better get ready. I will protect my home and my family.

      1. Girl, you are preaching to the choir. I get laughed at all the time too, but then when it becomes a reality, people are shocked. WAKE UP people! This is happening right now!

  2. Just the beginning God forbid anyone with fact and logic

    Try to oppose these mental retards

    If ppl think this is about equality or injustice think again !!!

    A woman trying to get home to her family asked BLM cowards to move off the street they started trying to smashed her windows of her car and pulled a gun on her …not once but twice but according to peanut gallery muppets at MSNBC and CNN they are peaceful protesters and have a right to stand against injustice because they were so fucking oppressed. Jokes

    So instead saying a woman was nearly murder in cold blood by Black Lives Matter and Anitfa Scumsuckers.

    The narrative was change to this Extremist tries running down peaceful protesters in an act of Terrorism ”

    Think about that logically


  3. I am just on the verge of tear s everyday lately. Today, on FB, I saw a video of a young white female police officer in tears because McDonald’s refused to serve her. What is our country coming to? How did we get here? Upon seeing that, I immediately went to the store and bought my local police station 3 dozen donuts. When I presented them to the officer, I told him what I had just seen, and the tears welled up in my eyes and my voice was quivering. He was SO appreciative. I told him to stay safe out there. It just sickens me with all this hate all around us. NOTHING good can ever come out of all this hate. It HAS T STOP! NOW!!!!!

    1. I know. I’m sick about everything. Everything is crazy and yes so many full of hate for everybody. That was a nice gesture. I’m sure they did appreciate it. They’re bring demonized and to have someone show appreciation means everything!

      1. I know. Larry and I have been seriously talking of jumping ship. We are investigating other places to live. Right now, Mallorca, Spain is at the top of our list.

        There is A LOT riding on this upcoming election.

    2. How dare you criticize our ideology because we know what is right and choose to blame our oppression on White Privilege Fuck Off !!!!

      If you don’t stand with us on national Telie Black Lives Matter protest said he would incite violence until you ppl listen to our truth” oh did forget to mention he said those that opposed us and our idotic delusional idealist thinking he would set them ablaze!!!!!”

      When they say defund the police what that really means is take and get rid of everyone that doesn’t share our partisan views of tyranny.

      And make no mistake the Dem Tards would never relinquished power Hell would freeze over first.

      But instead bring dumb truck idotic delusional idealist like Keith Ellison who use to be known as Muhammad because he was Islamist.

      Why do you think President Trump is telling these Dem Tard administration states to clean up and put their houses in order he will !!!

      But they have absolutely no intention or desire to do so !!!!

      The Mayor from Minneapolis thought by giving the Cowards from Anitfa and Black Lives Matter what they want by electing to defund the police from the Community and they mocked and ridiculed him like a stray mutt.


      Then the Mayor in Atlanta said that if someone or one violent protesters breaks into your residence and you call the police that ” An act of racism and your a racist” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!!

      1. It is NOT you or your site Laura. I love you and your site, but you have one VERY dangerous person who is following you. I mean DANGEROUS!
        This is just some of the post I received this morning from this person.

        “Your right kitchen I am very dangerous and unpredictable I am the Crocodile at the water hole never forget that!!!!!
        I have absolutely no problem making waves or when needed to burning the foundational pillars of deception to the Fucking ground.”

      2. Jokes play the victim card after being called out for personal attack ” Your words to me


        Evolution of Self

        2d ago

        You are a dangerous, delusional ASSHOLE! You and your ideals are ruining the world.

        Don’t play with fire and expect not to get burn

        And by the way This is Laura site not yours I don’t know you or even have talked to you Jeanne!!!

      3. Actually she did refer me to a dangerous Asshole and I am what is wrong with the world!!!

        Her exact words ” ajeanneinthekitchen

        Evolution of Self

        2d ago

        You are a dangerous, delusional ASSHOLE! You and your ideals are ruining the world.

        She doesn’t agree with me .or my views ..fine but making shit personal and not expecting me to call her out for it think again.

        Nothing what I said wasn’t back by facts and truth.

        If others take offense hearing the RAW Truth that is not on you or I Laura.

      4. Okay I have a question that might solve all of this. You commented and it was right under her comment so it could have been taken as you meant it towards her. But I saw nothing that she said that would indicate you reacting to her comment. So I figured you weren’t directing that comment really at her but when you said, you meant it directed at the powers that be or people that buy into the narrative. I think that is when all this started. I’m thinking this is all something that got misconstrued. I’m hoping.

      5. She clearly read what I wrote then next thing I saw her referring me to “Dangerous asshole and my ideas are what is ruining the World ”

        Then went to say to you that you have someone dangerous and becareful referring again to me !!!

        She doesn’t agree with me fine but not one was I or did communicate with her at any given time.

        She saw what I wrote in response to what you and I were correlating and she took offense.

        But I will not stand nor let any one think that they can insult me and think I will let it stand.

        If she jump the gun that is her prerogative not mine but turn around play the victim card muster up some accountability….

        So yes I called her out on her animosity absolutely.

        Maybe some should think and intercept what is cipher before they choose to reciprocate.

        I hope this clears it up and again have no idea why someone cannot stand or see my views would then choose to follow me.

        Also I don’t why she is seeing messages from me on her site because the only place I posted was on your segment if she is following you then it would show up on her alerts when there is new activity.

      6. I am absolutely delighted that you see me has threat to proverbial delusional idotic ideology.

        I have never sugarcoat nothing and will never …ever do so.

        Your right kitchen I am very dangerous and unpredictable I am the Crocodile at the water hole never forget that!!!!!

        I have absolutely no problem making waves or when needed to burning the foundational pillars of deception to the Fucking ground.

        To all these naive you ppl President Trump is a real leader and is all that stands between those dem Tard muppets. And Nancy Polesi from completely massacre and totalitarianism of partisan democracy.

        So when they allude to encouraged these domestic terrorists to activate and support incites of violence. Make no mistake they have absolutely no desire to relinquished their power…if you think so ,think again!!!!!

        So to you Kitchen and anyone else that is offended by my words and the RAW Venom it should be a wake up call.

        So your welcome

      7. Ellison’s campaign was funded by Soros. There’s a lot that were and are. They’re attacking the Dems too. They set it free-they’re reaping what they sow. What I don’t get is how anyone can support reelection for people that have not done anything to improve their communities and now shows they don’t care about law abiding citizens’ safety.

      8. Look at every major City that has been wreak with mass destruction and violence. Its known fact that there is very sinister agenda going on.

        The major hub of complete access those Dem Tard muppets don’t have is Law Enforcement.

        If they were to somehow ascertain that the reign of law and order and your safe , freedoms to bitch n complain would be no more.

        Because socialism is a disease that needs to be eradicated just asked Denmark what living under canopy of Socialism looks like!!!!!

        Over run with wild illegal immigration spikes in sexual assaults and rapes because of violent offenders through illegal immigration.

        So think about that

        I get there is issues but to suggest or insinuate that there is excessive violence targeted directly at the Black community when it been clearly proclaimed otherwise is felonious and absolutely absurd.