The Cold Case of the Tiger Lady

It has been almost 20 years and the police are still looking for information to solve a murder. The teenager who became known as Tiger Lady, was found on a rural highway in Knowlton Township, New Jersey.

The police are trying to bring attention to a case that grew cold a long time ago. Anyone with information is asked to contact the New Jersey State Police Missing Persons Division at (609)882-2000, ext. 2857.

6 thoughts on “The Cold Case of the Tiger Lady”

  1. Look at Saucy Jack and 1888 White Chapel Murders

    John C Holmes mass murder that was known for his Hotel of Massacre where he would murder countless women. Around the same time as White Chapel murders one of the reason why many correlate that Holmes was in fact Jack the Ripper but that theoretic hypothesis was abolish by contradicting facts that proved other wise.

    1. Yeah I watch anything about the Ripper. Fascinated that they say they never caught him. But murders just stopped? I don’t know Saucy Jack. Holmes the American devil. I remember first time I heard about him, watched a documentary and could not believe what I heard. Proof that evil can walk amongst us.

      1. Saucy Jack was the name whom he would refer to himself in third person many S.K’s were known to do that .

        Yes have you read any of Patricia Cornwell ‘s books ? Laura

  2. Not shocking nor surprising there is very surreal facts I will share with you.

    At any given time there are minimum of 126 S.K’s that are unknown in Law Enforcement ViClas data base

    That are A C T I V E in the United States

    How they are stumble apon is through ongoing investigation of cold cases or cold flies where there has shown similarities and correlation in the cause and affect of the methodology in which C.O.D was executed.

    So many stories of tormenting agonizing ensuffering fall on deaf ears never to be heard or discovered but just another ripped of their innocence.


      1. Yes it is but many ,many we have no Idea of their existence or ensuffering vanquished into unproclaimed silence of shattered glass that once use to reflect a portrait of vibrant life.

        Answer yourself this question why did they choose her or him ? What was it about them ?

        Some have behavioural patterns in their selection for methodology of processing to applications of execution.

        Others have no correlation between the complexity of their selection to paint their canvases with.

        Look at Andrei Chikatilo most prolific S K in Russian historic fashion his victims ranged from 4 all the way up to 65 known as( Rostov Ripper)

        Before his execution as the Russians saw serial killers as disease he asked that his brain be examined and dissect for science because he didn’t understand why he did what he did.

        He killed children, women, men there was no application to his behaviour but more of driven prowess of opportunist rather than methodical precision.


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