Covid 19 Exposure Logging on Smart Phones -What You Need to Know

Imagine my surprise to find this on my phone. The app must be installed in order for it to work. But it’s a feature that was added unbeknownst to me.

Apple and Google partnered together using Bluetooth technology to help “governments” and health agencies reduce the spread of Covid. I call bullshit.

I had a friend inform me of this. Sure enough there it is! The good news is you have to install the app for it to work. As of RIGHT NOW it is not mandatory. Let me say that again….as of RIGHT NOW it is not mandatory. Everyone remember the proposed HR6666 bill? I do. I don’t trust this in the slightest.

If you install this app, it could gain access to contacts on your phone. According to this article there’s NO credible Covid19 tracing app right now. Interesting.

How I found it on my phone:

Settings>Privacy>Health>Covid-19 Exposure Logging

21 thoughts on “Covid 19 Exposure Logging on Smart Phones -What You Need to Know”

  1. The trouble here Laura is that nobody cares. It’s for the greater good! *Insert sarcastic eye roll here* People have been willingly giving away their data & personal information for years on social media and via phone app. Usually all in hopes of somebody they’ll never meet in real life and whose opinion counts for ZERO in all practicality will give them a “like”.

    You want REALLY bad phone data mining, look at the permissions on the “Pokemon Go” game. EVERYTHING on your phone is an open book, even contacts, texts and phone logs.

    1. It’s pretty scary stuff. My friend sent me a video of parents warning people about an ad popping up when their kid plays a game online. The ad is way inappropriate. If that isn’t bad enough, they tested it out to see what would happen. When it was them (parents) online the ads changed to their particular likes. When their kid came back, the same inappropriate ad came up every time.

      1. Don’t worry. You are not the problem at all.
        I Iove you and your site. But there is someone (Evolution of Self) who has been responding to your posts and I have been getting some NASTY comments from this person on my site. I don’t care WHO this person is, or WHO he/she votes for, this person is VOLATILE and UNSTABLE and VERY DANGEROUS!

      2. Hi Laura, I don’t know why my response did not come through. IT IS NOT YOU or YOUR site. I love you and your site. But you have a VERY DANGEROUS, VOLATILE and UNSTABLE follower who has been sending me some NASTY responses. I think this person should be reported, Evolution of Self. He/She REALLY scares me with all the violent venom and vitriol he/she spews, and it is coming to my site as well.

      3. I can’t blame you. There’s no reason to threaten people. I saw one response that I thought was directed to the powers that be but now reading everything, it was directed at you. Now I know.

      4. Oh boy. I looked at that one and thought, well she didn’t say anything-he’s gotta be addressing the powers that be. There was and no reason for that.