The Emancipation Statue is Under Fire

The Emancipation statue of President Lincoln and a former slave is under fire. A statue that some perceive as racist. Why? The argument is a slave is on his knees before Lincoln. It represents that he’s beneath Lincoln.

Not true. This is the last slave, shackles broken, rising from his knees to freedom. This particular statue was paid for by black Americans. The inscription reads, A race set free and the country at peace. Lincoln rests from his labors.”

President Lincoln, my favorite president. He stood up against many to do what was right. He rid America of the abomination that was slavery.

He was assassinated because John Wilkes Booth (both an actor and a spy for the Confederate) was outraged that Lincoln seriously backed the voting rights of black Americans. After attending a speech on April 11, 1865, Wilkes began to implement his plan to assassinate Lincoln.

Do you know what I found when looking for dates on this topic? People saying that Booth wanted Lincoln dead because he was not going to end slavery. I gotta wonder, what is being taught in history classes today? I weep for our youth. As parents, it is our responsibility to set the record straight. To teach our children truth. Lincoln was the greatest president ever. Our youth lacks knowledge. If we erase history, we are forever lost.

8 thoughts on “The Emancipation Statue is Under Fire”

  1. I’m not surprised at all. Revisionist history is everywhere, (as are people looking to be outraged).

    When I went back to college in 2008, my US History class was a complete fairy tale with the Carter and Reagan years. Carter fought back a horrible economy caused by Ford, there were no gas lines or rationing, he almost had peace in the Middle East, but Reagan running caused the Iranian hostage crisis, etc…

    1. I believe it!! I just recently found out that schools are not even teaching US history anymore. They said it’s pointless as kids aren’t tested on it. Well damn! We need a restructuring of what is taught ASAP! No more mind controlling bullshit!