Rambling on Just Thinking Out Loud

I saw a video yesterday that just turned my stomach. It confirms to me that there are so many people out there suffering from hate. Period. It’s not just any one group either.

This video is being shared on social media in hopes that this man is found and arrested. Yes, it’s that bad. It stayed with me the entire day.

But I saw some videos that reminded me of people who have love in their hearts. People that do not care about the color of someone’s skin. They do not care about their profession. They do not care about their political views. They have love in their heart. They want what is best for everyone. They stand up against mobs for what is right or to protect another.

Though I feel it is important to be aware of what is happening around us, sometimes we gotta refocus. Seek out that which is good about humanity. It’s very hard to do these days. People are naturally on the defensive in regards to many issues.

I have to step away. I can’t always give attention to the news or commentary left on articles. I step away and have to let it go. For my own peace of mind.

It’s so easy to let the negative penetrate. It’s not healthy and it promotes negative feelings. It is so hard to step away from some of what we are seeing. It’s also hard to believe so much hate and evil really walks among us. Here’s how I’m trying to look at it. There’s good and there’s bad. When it gets too much, walk away. Find those feel good stories or get away from the news or social media all together. Get lost in your own little world. Your own little piece of paradise. Enjoy your gardens. Your family. Play with your dog. Work a puzzle. Watch a comedy. But please don’t let the ugly out there penetrate and stay. We need good people with common sense in this world.

Many blessings!

23 thoughts on “Rambling on Just Thinking Out Loud”

  1. You beat me to the post this time. I’m working on a similar one.

    This is what I was getting at with conspiracy theories and other extreme views though. The more a person seeks evidence for any given view or belief, the more they will find it regardless of other evidence, and in the case of people like Icke, the further down the rabbit hole they slide. We live in an age where there’s readily available false logic and pseudo-science supporting EVERY view out there, and yes, people willing to exploit it all for the sake of personal, political or corporate power, (ie the media).

    I could ramble on here forever, but I’ll save it for my own blog. 🙂

      1. Took me forever to get back here. Too many distractions. I still haven’t gotten to that post yet either, but I need to.

        Old history books… Burr by Gore Vidal. An interesting take on Aaron Burr and his duel with / killing of Hamilton.

  2. Sometimes you HAVE to detach and get yourself together. The studying you’ve been doing can drive you crazy. Believe me I know.. but we can’t dwell on it.

    Nature time really helps 😉

      1. I’m sure Cliff would like some time outdoors 😁 nothing takes everything away like outdoors!

      2. He’s been a hot mess lately. He’s created a new project for me. He ate a piece of quarter round and now I gotta get a new piece cut to fit and hopefully get it stained to match. Little asshole. 😂😂😂

  3. Yes, it is hard to remember sometimes that most people are good. But they are. It’s these groups and activists and politicians that are the problem and the media. Very sad. But when you look around you mostly see good people doing good things…