Dear Children of the World, It is Not Supposed to Be Like This

10 thoughts on “Dear Children of the World, It is Not Supposed to Be Like This”

  1. This is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen.ThankyouLaura, for putting Joseph Stalin’s quote in your blog. It says it all! If this isn’t what is happening to our country, I don’t know what is!

  2. So very sad. How did this beautiful world end up like this? What are our children learning as they grow and evolve? I worry about my youngest growing up in a world fueled by hate. I see people not color…

  3. Wow Laura


    They say a picture tells the story more than 1000 words can do”

    The depicting story this tells is not one of black and white but many shades of grey

    Trying to tell others that” all they see is blood on hands instead of looking for truth within their own selves.



      1. I shared your segment on my group on FB wanted to reblog to my wordpress site but wouldn’t let me.

        Hope you don’t mind and if you do just let me know

        And yes so many are blinded by the Kool Aid they continuously drink full of manipulation and deceit.

        I read segment from Candice Owens and there was a poll done that 60% of all College and Uni students are enjoying and exhilarated watching their country burn and spiral into utter chaos and mayhem.

        News flash to them what are they going to say when they are the ones these pathetic cowards and Domestic Terrorists turn on next.

        Their fundamentals to have the rights to bitch n complain will be no more and there will be no more sound structure community these ungrateful spoil snot nose brats take for granted.

      2. I didn’t think you would

        You are very informative to help others find their purpose or conviction.

        Also that mishap with Jeanne had no idea that was going to come from what I wrote but I have been known to make waves and be insensitive towards others emotional responses.

        I cannot stand when someone disagrees with you and turns shit personal that is so futile and pathetic.

        But if they think I am one to Troy with well you saw what the outcome was.

      3. It’s not surprising either others are shocked by it I am not because I see how complacent America has become changing the narrative to fit their own agenda covering up the Truth as if it was dirty hidden secret.

        You want find deceptive and manipulative tactics just go to Democratic College or Uni they parade around teaching hate and segregation like a ground banner.

        Are you on FB Laura?