Enough of this Madness! Right is Right and Wrong is STILL Wrong!

People better start standing up for theirselves. These business owners did nothing wrong. They have the right to remove these signs. This young man is what I call a shit stirrer. He’s going to label these people racist and try to destroy them. Why?

Who made him the law? Well, I’ll tell you who. Our weak kneed politicians. That’s who!

Let me see if I’m understanding this. The cause originally was to call for police reform. Then it was defunding. Now in some areas it is disbanding. The politicians are catering to the mob and screwing law abiding citizens. They’ve given the mob power. Hmm…isn’t it funny how we heard that some individuals do not belong in positions of power such as the police force. But look at what happened when some of these individuals have been given power? Abuse of power is abuse of power. This isn’t about a cause. It’s about power. Mobs have been allowed to do whatever they want. Without repercussions. Law abiding citizens are paying the price for things they weren’t involved in.

I was watching the news the other night. The story was about the couple who came out and met the mob in their yard locked and loaded. Mind you the mob kicked in their gate. They were trespassing. You know what the local prosecutor said? She was considering filing charges against the couple. For what? For protecting theirselves!

Apparently right is wrong and wrong is right these days. We are being called racist if we dare speak up. I’m unafraid. I will speak up. Because right is right and wrong is still wrong.

18 thoughts on “Enough of this Madness! Right is Right and Wrong is STILL Wrong!”

  1. What boggles my mind is how in so short of time things flipped. Undoubted it’s been brewing for a while then suddenly popped up out of nowhere. It’s just so weird how things changed so suddenly. It scares me because look what mob rule has done to Central America. It was mob rule then a dictator. Then caravans of people wanting to leave. It’s frightening. I completely agree with you. Keep up the good work of speaking up.

    1. It got my blood boiling! I’m sick of seeing so many kids out there acting like this. I want to sit them down and make them read a history book. I want to teach them to research thing for theirselves. I want them to talk to my dad about what fascism really is. I want them to understand that what they’re doing isn’t helping our country.

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