The 1619 Project Coming to a School Near You, Can Bob Woodson’s 1776 Project Counter It?

I think parents better start educating theirselves and quick. This is not what we want taught in our schools.

Excellent points made about 1619 Project. There’s a push for this to be taught in schools. Do we want to teach kids to hate our country by teaching all whites are bad and racists? Or do we want real historians to work together to form a new and accurate history syllabus to educate our youth? Covering everything. The good, the bad and the ugly.

We need to look at what is currently being taught in schools. From what I have read American history isn’t being taught. Some have commented that discussing slavery is very difficult. Others have said it’s a waste of time as kids are not tested on history.

We have a real problem here obviously. When youth are promoting Marxism and Socialism. If history is not being taught, where is this coming from?

I think it is time for an overhaul of our educational systems.

14 thoughts on “The 1619 Project Coming to a School Near You, Can Bob Woodson’s 1776 Project Counter It?”

  1. One possible good thing that comes out of the quarantining: the parents get to hear and see what their children are being taught. I wonder how many will pull their kids out of schools after that?

    1. I agree! It is not right many of the injustices that has happened over the years. But what we are seeing is two wrongs making a right. People being punished for things they had nothing to do with. While others have been free to do anything they want without repercussions. How is any of what is happening going to fix any issue. I think that’s the point. Many do not want it to be fixed.

  2. Oreal the make up company took whitening off the makeup saying it was racist. I thought I wonder if they are gonna take whitening off Crest toothpaste. Older Caucasian women like to use whitener in make up to get that youthful glow. How is it racist? Not everyone has the same complexion. What’s next African-American can’t use hair straighter because their hair isnt particularly naturally straight. Extremes every thing is extreme. Not all whites owned slaves. I’m sure all slave owners weren’t rapists- especially the Quakers.

      1. Things that I read online 10, 15 years ago are totally changed. Omg. I read today on the Audubon society website today that White people that are not anti- racist are racist. Whose to tell someone they are racist. That made my stomach turn. I went to school with Black people, had no problems. I’ve had black doctors – had no problem. I’ve had black teachers – no problems. I’ve had black friends- had no problems. If I was racist I wouldn’t let a black doctor doctor me. I wouldn’t put my life in their hands of i was racist.
        This is all bs. Pure bs

      2. It is. It really is. It wears me out and some days the things I see take a toll. But I cannot stop speaking out. Because what all this does is separate people. It’s also used to distract from other things happening. Flynn is free. Proven he was sent to prison for no reason. Does CNN report this? Anyone ask theirselves why?

      3. I hate to see the lack of unity too. The 60s were a heckic time. I have a much older relative who tells me all the time when we discuss current events about how mad she was about the soldiers that fought in Vietnam . She said when they came home they were treated disgracefully over something that one Lt. did. Cally I think his name was. And there were riots then too.
        That calmed down thankfully. It seems these activists most of the time only activate chaos. Why call all soldiers baby killers over one incident.. You have to look at it like it will blow over one day .
        People are out of work and nothing to do but agitate. I think then the riots were going on then unemployment was high and it was a recession.

  3. I’ve been saying for a while now that you don’t go to college for higher education. You go to become indoctrinated.

      1. Back in my childhood, we had a subtle indoctrination. But my interest in history got the better of me. Ken Burns “documentaries” and PBS did well enough.

      2. I’m just so saddened by the way things are right now. We’ve gone from white washing history to not teaching it at all to brain washing.