Frederick Douglas Statue Tore Down on 168th Anniversary of his Famous Speech Given in Rochester New York

The Rochester police are seeking information on those responsible for destroying a statue of abolitionist Frederick Douglas. The statue has been taken in for repairs.

I’ve included a link so you can read his speech. A truly amazing speech. A must read. FrederickDouglas, one of our nation’s finest men.

I’m at a loss for words. I’m just disgusted by the acts I’m seeing these days. I’m at a loss. Stepping away for a couple days to focus on things that make my heart smile.

12 thoughts on “Frederick Douglas Statue Tore Down on 168th Anniversary of his Famous Speech Given in Rochester New York”

  1. I am absolutely delighted that a real leader that will not standby and let historical monuments and statutes in history be decimated into smouldering ashes of ruins.

    That President Trump said ” Any Democratic administration’s that standby and let these atrocities go on and fail the will to take swift action to protect them will be stripped of Federal funding ”

    They can’t have their silver spoon ripped away from them can they !!!

    1. I wish I knew with each individual statue who was responsible. It could be BLM. I really believe they hate America and everything it stands for. I just find it odd this statue. Someone pointed out it could have been white supremacist. But the fact that in project 1619 Douglas is barely mentioned makes me wonder if this wasn’t targeted to rid us of him and Lincoln’s legacy and friendship from history. I mean they want Lincoln statue gone also. Erase everything seems to be the theme.

      1. black lives matter =Symbol of Hate

        You look everything they have done and murders they are responsible for and many attempted murders that they are not held accountable.

        Like a Mother trying to get home twice had guns pulled on by those cockroaches because she asked them to move out from the road.

        But instead dem Tard muppets media writes this as headline

        “Angry extremists tries running down peaceful protesters ”


      2. If organization was legit-communities hurting would be receiving some help from the millions they’ve received in donations. The organization wouldn’t promote Marxism or condemn traditional family values and most certainly would not have a cop killer as a hero. I would think you’d hear a representative speak out against the deaths of some of these innocent bystanders especially the children. But nothing. They had a great chance to do this right and help people. That’s not what is happening.

      3. Why have accountability and Transparency when affliction is so much easier and you can change the narrative.

        Look what happen so far since that dumb truck defund the police in NY 205 murders since July 4th in which Colin dumb truck Kaepernick who not even black not one bit ” refer to July 4th celebration as Celebration for white supremacist”

        The fact of the matter is when you show the RAW Truth and expose the Kool Aid consumers its too much for their idotic delusional ideology.

      4. New information I have come across in George Floyd homicide is have you seen the Raw footage Laura?

        Everyone keep asking how did he end up on the ground wedged against the back tire of the SUV ?

        The reason he was in restraints in the back seat Derek Chauvin open the door from driver side and push him out onto the ground!!!
        Where all four cockroaches had their body compress on their his body

    1. I just saw a video an Antifa member posted. Asking everyone to stop sharing videos of them in the act as it is resulting in arrests. I shared it. 😂😂😂 Anyone our there committing crimes should be locked up.

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