Say her Name-Secoriea Turner

Another child caught in the war raging across America. Why? Her parents only crime was to drive into an unlawfully placed barricaded zone.

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  1. Another innocent life snuffed out by those cockroaches

    When are these subordinates going to come to logic and a small thing called common sense?

    Realised that socialism has absolutely not value or purpose of existence

    That the precious community that they take for granted and abused without Law and Order there is no Community.

    Just complete anarchy of erosion within structured foundations


    1. That’s what happens when you get rid of police or defund or render them incapable of doing their job. But ALL police are being punished for what some have done. But so are law abiding citizens.

      1. Yes case in point the idotic reckless Breonna Taylor law !!!!

        I mean WTF now you have put even officers more at risk and imperil because of Goddam political correctness and appeasing the supposed oppressors.

        Yet innocence are being ripped and senseless murder by acts of cowardice like 8yr old kill who the Dumb truck mayor blamed President Trump for WTF have some Goddam accountability!

        Thank god the Governor has logic and has requested for President Trump to bring in national guard to restore law and order.

        He won’t be first to do so enough is enough of such reckless despicable behaviour again shows why Socialism must not be allowed to breathe any form of LIFE.

      2. I watched the video of Officer Tatum. He provided police report which was not covered by media. Which changed everything. The media is good at turning up heat and keeping it going.

      3. New information I have come across in George Floyd homicide is have you seen the Raw footage Laura?

        Everyone keep asking how did he end up on the ground wedged against the back tire of the SUV ?

        The reason he was in restraints in the back seat Derek Chauvin open the door from driver side and push him out onto the ground!!!
        Where all four cockroaches had their body compress on their his body

      4. This why this was in fact premeditated cold blooded murder!

        And recently a New Haven Sgt Literally had his foot on man’s throat shouldn’t matter if he was black or white but those goddam muppets black lives matter will because it’s all about manipulating the narrative.

        But anyone with righteous conscience can see this is seriously FUCKED UP

        I pray that piece of amphibian shit Derek Chauvin meets some nice close personal friends to watch over him very closely every single fucking day of his miserable existence until it is no more.

        Make sure you share with others so they see that this was coincidence but cold blooded premeditated murder.



      5. Yes those that lie down with fleas are infestation of cowardice.

        Not first time black lives matter has innocence blood all over their infectious hands.

        Sadly this little girl had her life snuffed out from these cockroaches.

        Karma always collects her bounty and in cases with interest.

        It’s very Fucked up sadistic puppet master society that is consuming us with filth we are in right now.

        But no matter what I will never lie down with sheep and be on my knees ever.



      6. So much death. I keep thinking about the officer that killed Floyd. Wondering if he realizes what him and others like him have done in this world? Do they care? Probably not. I’m not going to let hate rule me. I’m just going to keep researching and sharing. Hoping maybe I can make a difference.

      7. That’s fighting spirt Laura

        Like Denzel Washington said to me ” Don’t just inspire to make a difference within yourself inspire to make the world around you a better place”

        “And reality is cruelty like all devices just needs an incentive ” E.O.S

      8. I know what it’s like more ways than one Laura

        President Trump is only stance of logic and reasoning from stopping socialism to be allowed to become full blown firestorm !!!

        Hit me up anytime you need to vent or shoulder to lean on

        ” Out of the strongest souls emerge are seared with the most scars” E.O.S

        Wolves do and make the bitching cowardice sheep are incapable of making any sacrifices without their own agenda.



      9. Thank you. I’m really trying to maintain so many emotions. Sadness, anger, disbelief. I just can’t believe the things I’m seeing people doing to others. I always knew that evil existed. But it’s far more than I realized.

      10. Yes it’s being allowed to flourish because of Dem Tards trying to send the world into complete erosion of infrastructures to want to see everything burn.

        In Toronto black lives matter called vandalism and defacing of historical monuments a liberation of intervention against our oppression WTF kind of condescending baby back bullshit is that !!!!

        Makes no sense whatsoever considering Canada abolished slavery in 1793

  2. I couldn’t believe something I read in that article, that the mayor is negotiating with protesters for use of the Wendy’s. Really? I’d send the cops in to drag their butts out. At least it’s quiet in the suburbs — for now…

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